May 1, 2019

Real Estate Lead Generation for Facebook, Google and Mobile


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In the next year, Millennials are going to be the leading homebuyers, followed closely by Gen-Xers.

The younger generations of homebuyers are more tech-savvy than their predecessors. They heavily lean on the internet to find the properties they want to buy. However, despite the rise of digital media and property platforms like Zillow and Trulia, 87% of the buyers still work with agents to buy their future homes.

For you, it’s good news. It means you can attract more clients this year if you are prepared to generate leads through media Millennial and Gen-X customers use the most—digital media.

Here are 15 real estate lead-generation ideas for the top three most used digital media types—Facebook, Google, and Mobile.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Facebook

Facebook is the most-used social network among Millennials, which makes it the most promising channels for real estate lead generation. Create a Facebook business page and start posting updates about the properties you’re trying to sell. Once you’re comfortable with the platform, adopt one or more of the following ways to generate leads.

1. Run Contests on Facebook

The majority of your audience use Facebook, but probably none of them use it to buy properties. Most of them log in to get updates from their friends and to have fun. Give it to them in the form of contests.

Contests are an engaging way to generate leads for your property business, but what type of contest can a property business run? Get creative and design a contest that targets your audience. Examples include scavenger hunts on open houses, local trivia, and property photo contests.

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Contests keep your audience engaged, so it’s easy to convert them into leads.

2. Boost Best Facebook Posts

Post photos of the property that you’re trying to market. Then, boost the best performing posts to multiply their reach.

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Remember that posts containing short videos and stunning images have the greatest reach on Facebook.

3. Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook allows you to create a variety of targeted ad formats to achieve different objectives. Log into Facebook and go to Ads Manager to view the objectives and advertising options.

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Lead generation appears to be the obvious objective, but Reach or Brand awareness may also work for you by attracting more users to follow your page. Subsequently, you can run lead-generation campaigns to convert awareness into interest.

Once you select an objective, you can define the target audience based on age, geographic area, interests, and behavior of your audience.

4. Take Advantage of Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads eliminate the need for landing pages and subscription forms, even a website. People can simply tap your ad, and a form pops up. The form already contains people’s Facebook contact info so that they can send it directly to you.

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To run Facebook Lead Ads, select lead generation as your objective and follow the step by step instructions.

5.  Don’t Forget Messenger Ads

Messenger Ads have the great advantage that they deliver leads straight to your Messenger inbox. Simply go to Facebook Ads Manager and select your marketing objective. On the next page, click on Edit Placement and check Inbox under Messenger. Messenger Ads are only available for certain objectives, which include Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, App Installs, and Conversions.

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6. Host Live Video Events

Take advantage of Facebook Live Video and broadcast your open house or project launch event to your audience.

You’ll need a Facebook page or Group to find the audience for your live video. Announce and promote the open house or launch event through your page and go live at the scheduled time. Lights, camera, action!

Seriously, though, all you need is a smartphone with a good camera and a working internet connection.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Google

Almost 50% of people search online to find properties. Most of them use Google, which makes it the best channel for real estate-lead generation.

You should design conversion-optimized lead-generation pages on your website where traffic from Google will land once they click on your search results or ads.

7. Turn Your Website into a Lead Catcher

Your website should be the hub of lead generation, whether it’s through Google, Facebook, or other channels. Follow SEO best practices to rank high in organic searches. A higher SEO ranking will make it possible for more prospect customers to find you on Google and visit your website.

Make sure to optimize your website for lead generation so you may convert more of your organic visitors from Google searches into business leads.

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Offer lead magnets on a time-barred squeeze page to turn visitors into quality leads.

8. Run Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads (previously AdWords) is the world’s most popular pay-per-click advertising platform. It shows your advertisements to people searching for properties in your target area. You can run many types of advertisements on Google Ads -- the most popular are search ads, display ads, and video ads.

Search ads are text ads that show up when a prospect customer searches for a keyword that you have targeted. Display ads appear on Google Display Network, a network of more than 2 million websites around the world. And video ads, also known as True View are displayed on YouTube.

The beauty of these ads is that you pay only once a user clicks on your ad.

9. Set Up Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is perfect for real estate lead generation if you have a physical address and phone number.

Once configured, GMB displays your business for local search results for user searches that Google figures have local intent. It also puts your business on Google Maps so people can find directions to your office.

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Real estate businesses that are not present on Google Maps or in local search results might not look very credible, which might affect their lead-generation potential.

10. Blog Regularly about Real Estate

Make it a habit to blog about local real estate trends, property buying and selling tips, and other topics that might be interesting for your audience.

You can have a blog section on your website, but also try and publish guest posts on other highly visited blogs. Link your post to your lead-generation page and you can have a steady flow of leads for a long time.

Blogging about local topics also allows you to incorporate local keywords into the posts and helps you rank higher for local searches.

11. Get on YouTube

We list it under Google because it’s a Google property, but YouTube is a marketing giant in its own right. You can use YouTube videos for lead generation in a variety of ways.

For example, make a walk-through video covering a property you’re trying to sell, helpful tips about real estate, or information about your company and staff.

Include your phone number and web address with each video to convert viewers into qualified leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Mobile

More than nine in ten Millennials (92%) own smartphones, compared with 85% of Gen Xers and 67% of Baby Boomers. Most of the people now use mobile instead of a desktop to go online. It’s no wonder that more than 72% of all US digital ad spending will go to mobile this year.

Here’s how to use mobile for real estate lead generation.

12. Target Most Popular Mobile Apps

Mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time. According to Apple, the top five iPhone apps include YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat, Messenger, and Facebook. Other popular apps that you can use for real estate lead generation include Google Maps, Gmail, WhatsApp Messenger, Google Chrome, and Twitter.

As you may see, marketing your real estate business on Google and Facebook already sets you up for mobile lead generation through most of the popular mobile apps. Additionally, you can target Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp to generate more leads from mobile.  

13. Don’t be Shy of Sending Text Messages

Text messages or SMS have the highest open and read rates among all digital media. Under the US laws, you can only send text messages to people who have opted in to receive them. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of this excellent and extremely cost-efficient medium.

You may need to work with a SMS marketing company to discover your options and take care of the technicalities associated with text messaging.

14. Adopt a Mobile First Strategy

Make sure your website, website, and landing pages are mobile friendly. Optimize page speed because mobile users abandon a slow loading page faster than you can say Mississippi.  Having a native mobile appearance increases your ability to convert organic visitors into qualified leads for further marketing.

15. Bonus: Work with a Multichannel Lead Generation Agency

As you might have realized, implementing the above ideas is likely to take away focus and attention from your core business, which is to find properties and keep clients satisfied with your services. Even then, you might not be able to generate the maximum number of leads at the minimum cost because lead generation is not your main business.

By comparison, working with a dedicated multichannel real-estate lead-generation agency like Josh Meah may be a better option. Set up a free consult with Josh to discuss how to generate the maximum number of leads while maintaining the minimum cost of acquisition.

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