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When people hit the search button, they’re looking for something special. If you have that “something special”, having effective, targeted paid ads on Google, Bing, and Youtube helps them find you first.

Google and Bing make up over 90% of all searches online. As partners with Google and Bing, we ensure that you reach the searchers most likely to turn into clients. 

By designing and implementing engaging paid ads and insightful strategies, we create custom marketing campaigns that drive sales and leads for great companies, making you the answer your customers have been searching for.

"JM&Co. combines diligent customer and industry research with a quick, creative mind to achieve results. The complexity of our industry and general inaccessibility of our clinician customers were no barrier for him and his team. He has established an improved process and mindset for our ongoing sales and marketing efforts."

Nick Tierney
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What to expect

Customized marketing campaign design and development. No cookie cutter campaigns.

A talented, experienced, diverse, and global team. Top talent, worldwide reach.

Data-backed results. Achieve breakthrough outcomes.

Daily account optimization. Never wait to improve.

Experts in every media field collaborating, sharing insights and experience to increase return for all campaigns. Our whole team is working for you.

Business development perspective. Every campaign has their own KPIs. Your success is our success.

Deep market analysis and insights. Understand your campaign.

The art is building the right growth campaign. The science is in the results.

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