September 21, 2020

Google Ads Expert Reveals 10 Secrets to Boost Sales and RoI


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With years of Google Ads experience, I’ve helped many companies find market traction and accelerate growth by using multichannel marketing campaigns. Based on our success, Google Ads is one of our favorite advertising mediums.

I wanted to share the secrets that have helped me and our team at Josh Meah & Company achieve double- and triple-digit growth for advertisers, while reducing the cost of acquisition and increasing the return on investment (RoI).

Why Do Businesses Spend $162 Billion on Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Adwords) is the world’s biggest online advertising platform. Last year, Google Ads reported revenues of $162 billion last year, double Facebook’s revenue..

The top business sectors using Google Ads include fashion, law firms, real estate and construction, insurance and finance, ecommerce and retail, food and beverage, travel and tourism, education and jobs, vehicles, and consumer electronics. Here are the benefits that make Google Ads so popular today.

A High Return on Investment: An average Google Ads advertiser makes $2 in revenue for each $1 that they spend on advertising. According to WebFX, online users that click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Most businesses spend thousands of dollars a month simply because Google Ads pays them back many times as much, particularly if they’re working with a Google Ads expert.

Data Driven Advertising: With TV, radio or print advertising, you don’t know who saw your ad and what actions they took. But with Google Ads, you exactly know the results of your advertising; in terms of exposures, clicks, leads, conversions, and return on investment.

Brand Recognition and Exposure: The amazing thing about Google Ads is that it gives your brand free exposure even if nobody clicks on your ad. And when they do click, they’re on their way to your website, where you can try and convert them into business leads or paying customers.

Fast Track Sales and Leads: Google Ads is the best way to drive traffic from online searches, which means the people coming to your website are already searching for products like yours. You can kick-start selling or appointment booking today. It would take you months or years to get the same results with SEO alone.

Flexible and Controllable: A business can start advertising with a budget as low as $5 per day and go as high as the business requires. You can control the budget, targeting, time, and cost of your advertising.  A Google Ads specialist can get your ads higher display positions and more clicks for a lower cost.

Do I Really Need a Google Ads Expert?

Many business owners think that Google Ads is a self service platform. While Google may like you to believe that, the fact is that businesses that do Google advertising without an expert can waste 25% of their budget.

But you’re right. You don’t need a Google Ads expert. You need a digital marketing expert who also specializes in Google Ads.

A Google Ads-only expert may not be able to help with Facebook or email marketing, for instance.  But a digital marketing expert will use Google Ads in combination with other channels to multiply the impact.

Here are the reasons why a business should work with a digital marketing professional who’s also an expert at Google Ads.

Configure and Optimize Google Ads Account: A Google Ads expert cleans up your account by removing low-performing or irrelevant keywords and bidding higher on high-performing ones.

Pay a Lower Cost per Click: The cost you pay for each click depends upon the relevancy and quality of your ads. An Google Ads expert can help lower the CPC significantly so you have to pay less for more visits.

Display Ads at Higher Positions: Ads closer to the top of the first page get most of the clicks. You can get to the top by bidding higher and by improving your Google Ads Quality Score, which can gradually get better as you keep working with an expert.

Follow Up on Campaigns: A digital marketer and Google Ads expert ensures that synergies exist among different campaigns. At times, they may suggest other channels to further improve the results of advertising through Google Ads.

Tracking and Reporting: As a business owner, you may not have the time to track and measure the result of each ad or campaign, compare it with past results, and identify the small changes that you should make to improve the performance of future campaigns. An expert will pitch in by presenting regular reports and identifying the factors that need to be addressed.

Save Time and Money: Working with an expert, you can spend time on more important activities like strategy and business development. The services of an expert should invariably deliver cost savings. If they don’t, it means you’re not working with an expert.

10 Expert Secrets to Boost Profits with Google Ads

1. Improve Campaign Performance by Adjusting Your Bids

If the clicks from downtown are converting better than clicks from the suburbs, for example, you should adjust the bids based on location to get you more of those high-converting customers. Bids can be adjusted based on eight different variables including device, location, ad scheduling, top content, targeting methods, remarketing lists, interactions, and demographics. Bid adjustment requires advanced Google Ads skills. Working with a Google Ads expert can save valuable time and money.while bringing more sales.

2. Drive More Qualified Traffic with Ad Extensions

Google Ads extensions feature micro data about your business giving people more reasons to click on your ads. Different types of extensions include location, callouts, call, sitelink, price, structured snippets and app extensions. A Google Ads specialist helps clients implement the right extensions to drive more traffic to your sale or squeeze pages.

Different types of extensions as the appear on the SERP

3. Bring Back Lost Customers with Remarketing

Are you still not using Google’s remarketing ads? Remarketing can bring back customers who visited your site once, bounced away, and then forgot all about you and your products. Google remarketing ads follow such customers on the internet wherever they go. With thoughtfully designed offers and ads you can bring back many of them and convert them into paying customers.

4. Get Rid of Irrelevant Clicks by Defining Negative Keywords

If you ever deep-dive into your Google Ads and Analytics, you might see many irrelevant keywords triggering your ads. For example, a dental practice may find out their ad is popping up for searches related to ‘dental instruments’. The advertiser will pay the cost if the ad is clicked. In Google Ads, you can define negative keywords--search queries for which you don’t want your ad to be shown. Using the feature correctly can save you the money you pay for clicks that

5. Improve Quality Score by Creating Better Landing Pages and Removing Underperforming Keywords

Google Ads Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of the overall performance of your ads based on the expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. The Quality Score is reported as a number from 1 to 10 and can be seen by adding the Quality Score column to a report. It can be improved over time by creating more targeted campaigns and removing keywords that don’t lead to clicks and conversions. According to Google, “higher quality ads can lead to lower prices and better ad positions”.

6. Drive High-Converting Traffic by Using Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific key phrases that indicate higher purchase intent. These are the keywords that may not have a huge number of searches, but may deliver excellent conversions. It may be a little confusing to select and target long-tail keywords, but not if you’re working with a Google Ads expert.

7. Increase Brand Exposure and Image with Display Ads

Google’s display network includes a staggering 2 million websites and can tremendously increase the reach of your ads. Display ads also follow a pay-per-click model, but their average click-through rate is only 0.35%. This means you can gain excellent brand mileage with these ads without paying a lot of money. You can also feature product photos in display ads and reach people who are not searching for anything on Google.

8. Expand Your Reach with YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube is one of the most effective marketing platforms simply because video is a high-converting medium. According to surveys, 76% of consumers and 85% of millennials say they've purchased a product or service after watching a video. Surprisingly, the majority of Google Adsadvertisers only use paid search ads and completely ignore YouTube. A Google Ads expert can help you decide if your business should be on YouTube. If it’s right for you, they can help you create and manage high-converting video ads that boost sales and profits.

9. Use Email Marketing to Nurture Leads and Bring Back Old Customers

The average Google Ads conversion rate for all industries is around 2%. It means most of the people who click your ad and visit your website are not going to buy your product the first time. You can try to bring them back by using remarketing ads, but before that you should try to acquire their email addresses through a lead-generation box or pop-up. Hopefully, some of the visitors will subscribe to your mailing list. You can reach out to the subscribers through automated email campaigns, announcing new products and making new offers, until they’re ready to buy.

10. Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Google Ads can send people to your website. Whether or not they buy from you boils down to the way you have designed the website and landing pages. Conversion optimization is the science that helps you sell more products or convert more visitors for the same amount of traffic. It doesn't make sense spending money on advertising if your website looks like a mess. A digital marketer and Google Ads expert can help streamline and optimize your complete sales funnel including your website, so that every click has more chances of converting into a sale.

Work with a Digital Marketing and Google Ads Expert

I’ve helped businesses in multiple industries achieve quick and lasting results with Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your Google Ads strategy.

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