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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Company In New Jersey (7 Reasons)

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Why Hire A Digital Marketing Company In New Jersey (7 Reasons)

October 22, 2018

7 Reasons to Work with a Local Digital Marketing Company

Are you located in New Jersey while your digital marketing company is situated halfway across the planet?

Your marketers might be on Mars as far as you’re concerned. After all, distance doesn’t matter in today’s wired world.

Or does it?

I’ll give you seven reasons why you—a Garden State local business—should hire a New Jersey-based digital marketing company.

Jersey City waterfront on the Hudson River

First, however, let’s explore why you need a digital marketing agency in the first place.

What Is A Digital Marketing Agency And Why Do You Need One?

As a digital marketing company, delivers the full stack of online marketing services to local and global businesses.

Digital marketing services include strategy, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing and management, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, analytics and reporting, and more.

So, if you don’t want to deal with ten different companies and maintain your sanity, hiring a digital marketing agency is your best option.

Mindmap of the concepts around Digital Marketing; many are discussed in text.

It allows you to reduce marketing costs, focus on your core business, take advantage of a ready pool of human and technological resources, explore new ideas, collaborate with experts, and, therefore, grow more quickly and efficiently.

You would be able to take advantage of all these benefits, however, only by hiring the right company—a professional digital marketing outfit with proven results to vouch for their performance.

Seven Reasons To Hire A Digital Marketing Company In The Garden State

Regardless of where your prospective digital marketing agency is, you should, of course, evaluate their worth to you. Working with a local company, however, has some inherent advantages to consider. They include:

1. Comfort, Convenience, and Confidence

Because your agency is in New Jersey, you can have face-to-face meetings at a variety of locations on very short notice—your office, their office, a diner halfway between you.  Closeness brings comfort, and you’ll never have the same level of comfort with an agency located thousands of miles away.

2. No Last Minute Surprises (or Shocks)

Digital marketing activities are time sensitive. Imagine your remotely-located agency telling you at the last moment that the campaign is not ready; or worse, doing an ill-planned campaign to meet the deadline. But, with your digital marketing agency located in NJ, you can enjoy face-to-face interactions, closer coordination, and more reliability. They are more accountable to you.

3. Better Knowledge about Your Customers and Market

A local company has in-depth knowledge of your market and customers. They’ll know which exit you’re near, or the general demographics of all areas of the state. You can’t expect the same from an agency working out of New York or Pennsylvania, let alone India. Your local NJ marketer will even know if there really is a Central Jersey.

4. Less Risk to Business and Reputation

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a double-edged sword. Working with a company that relies on black-hat or other outdated practices will damage your business and its online reputation.

Cheap digital marketing agencies located remotely—within the US or offshore—are prone to make these mistakes because they don’t know local regulations and geology. Since the US is the leader in digital marketing, an agency based in New Jersey is likely to be more professional and aware of local quirks—and that knowledge will help you.

5. More Personal Attention and Customization

Global agencies are usually big businesses with hundreds of clients, if not more. They can’t give a business like yours the kind of personal attention and customized services that you will receive from a local digital marketing company in New Jersey.

6. More Efficient and Cost Effective

If you think American digital marketing companies are expensive, try “inexpensive” offshore services. You’ll find that a local firm—even if “more expensive” will do it better and leave less confusion and mess in its wake.

Cleaning up the confusion takes out the “lower cost” and the time saved.  

While your New Jersey-based company probably has a higher hourly rate than one based in Mumbai, you will make much more money in the long run. A cheap agency can only lose you money.

7. Better Poised to Fight Bigger Competitors

When you work with an agency like, you are better placed to compete with global or national brands that also have local presences.

A local agency knows your local area and customers better than your bigger competitors—they’re working with digital marketing behemoths. We can help you develop and execute targeted strategies for your local market, turning your small size into your strength.


Selecting your digital marketer is a decision you should never take lightly. Signing up with a professional-looking agency that turns out to be not-so-professional is wasteful and counterproductive.

You may recruit and evaluate companies from around the world and realize that working with a New Jersey-based agency is your safest bet.

So, whether you’re in Bergen County, or up-and-coming Newark, or in the rolling valleys of western Jersey—or anywhere else in the Garden State--do not hesitate to call for a free digital marketing consultation.

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