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Powerful Social Media Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

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Powerful Social Media Marketing Ideas for Law Firms

March 11, 2019

Actionable Tips for Law Marketing on Social Media

Social media is a great tool to share industry news and talk about your achievements for law firms. However, if you are doing social media marketing to do this much, you are not using it to its full potential.

Wondering how you can be different from other law firms on social media? Let’s start.

In this article, we will discuss the following 4 areas of law firm marketing:

  • Find the right people for your business
  • Establish thought-leadership
  • Create great content
  • Find new customers

1. Find the right people for your business:

Choose your networks: For any law firm, being online is essential to get new clients and network with other professionals. However, among all the social networks, the most popular one is LinkedIn among law professionals.

According to a MyCase Infographic, 57% law firms are there on LinkedIn. Blog

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular channels with law firms after LinkedIn.

Each network has its own purpose. Facebook is great for finding new clients. LinkedIn is an excellent channel to network with fellow professionals. Twitter works best to connect and engage with your audience instantly. So, for law firms all these 3 channels are important.

However, Instagram is a wonderful network to show the fun side and the inner stories of your business. You can take Inspiration from O'Melveny. Blog

Find and connect with the right people: Simply search with relevant keywords on any social networks and it will show you relevant people to make your connections. Blog

You can also refine your searches by adjusting the search filters, as shown on the highlighted part of the above screenshot.

Join relevant Groups. There are three major motivations to join social media groups:

  • Get inspiration and ideas for your law firm marketing.
  • Network with law professionals to get new partners.
  • Network with potential clients.

There are many Facebook and LinkedIn groups that can help you achieve your goals. Search with your area of expertise and join. Blog

Now that you have found the relevant people for your business on social media, let’s move on to the next point.

2. Establish thought-leadership:

Start/Join relevant discussions: Be consistent on social media. Start conversations, ask questions, help a fellow professional. Remember, the only two ways to stay on top of your audience are consistency and value addition.

Initiate a conversation by simple putting your thoughts on a current topic. Add relevant hashtags. And the conversations will follow. Blog

Search with relevant hashtags to find conversations, where you can pitch in.

Also, share news that matter to your audience. According to a Pew Research Center report, 67% US adults came across the relevant news for them for social media. Blog

Add value to any news by including your thoughts on it. It’s your opportunity to establish your thought-leadership in that context. Do it efficiently. Let’s take a cue from Southern Poverty Law Center. Blog

Engage with your audience: Social media is a two-way platform. When you are on it, your audience finds a way to connect with you, be it a query or a simple wish. Always answer them with a fitting reply. Blog

It's not only a social media etiquette to reply to user feedbacks but it also represents your law firm in a more approachable manner.

Encourage user rating: Facebook now shows user ratings in search results. So, encourage your existing clients to leave a review in favor of you. Blog

Ratings and reviews are very important for your audience because they are one of the most crucial factors to take their purchase decision.

A BrightLocal study showed that more people checked online reviews for lawyers in 2018 compared to 2017. And it doesn’t take rocket science to understand that the number will gradually be increasing. Blog

3. Create great content:

Give your page a proper branding: Complete your social media pages with all the relevant information and add a proper profile picture and cover photo. Looking your best is the key to impress your audience at the first sight.

Let's take a look at Allens' Twitter page. It's not only professional but also in sync with their branding. Blog

Be creative: No matter what you are posting, make eye-grabbing graphics to hook your audience. Be it an information or a news or a simple holiday wish, allow your creative juices to flow. Blog

Show inside stories: Your audience too wants to know what you do at work, who all work for you, and how they spend the hours at office or how they celebrate holidays. Share these stories on social media.

Such posts let your audience connect with you easily. Blog

Make lots and lots of videos: If videos are not on your social media marketing to-do list, include it now. According to a Social Media Today infographic, videos are one of the most efficient tools to engage your audience. Blog

Make videos that talk about your business, your clients and your services. Post native videos on every channel to ensure optimum reach and engagement. And do not forget to post at a regular interval. Blog

4. Find new customers:

Address pain points of your target group: Understand your target audience and their search behaviors before you create content. Remember, the performance of your content always depends on how well you have served your target audience. Blog

Paid ads: Paid ads always help you get new customers faster. Almost every network comes with their own ad manager.

Be very cautious to set the target audience for your ads because law firms have a very niche audience. If your ads don’t have detailed targeting, it may cost you more money. Blog

Factors like age, location, keywords, behavior etc play a major role in your ad performance. Always A/B test with your ads to understand your users better.  

Conclusion : The key to a well-performing social media portfolio is, have a strong strategy. Stick to the golden rule, “Less is more”. And analyze your results after a regular interval to get actionable insights.

We hope this article will help you shape up your social media presence. However, there are still many things left where a law firm can play their social media game with elan. We’ll discuss them some other time. Or you can give us a call to discuss it right now. 

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