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The Essentials of Social Media for Construction Companies

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The Essentials of Social Media for Construction Companies

December 27, 2018

How to Build a Strong Social Media Presence for Your Construction Firm

Many construction professionals think that industries like theirs don’t fit social media.  In other words, construction companies don’t have enough content to manage and continue with social media marketing over the long term.

Every industry, however, needs social media to market their services and products -- construction companies are no exception.

Is your construction company present on social media? If not, it’s the right time to start.

4 reasons why every construction company must be on social media

1. The customers are there: Even if you’re not on social media, your customers and competitors are there. It’s a great platform to connect with your potential customers, show them your products and most importantly, stay on top of their mind when they think anything related to “Construction”.

2. Social media is cost-effective: Generally, construction companies are more comfortable in investing their money on TV commercials, print ads or billboards. Social media marketing, however, is a cheaper option compared to offline ads. Blog

3. Social media helps build trust and credibility: Social media is an excellent tool to build a bridge between your company and your audience. It allows you to show the inner side of your industry and your brand. It's a simple equation. The more they know about you, the more they trust you. Blog

4. It’s the new-age tool to connect and engage: Social media channels are a great way to connect with potential customers and at the same time engage them with your content. Moreover, it’s an efficient listening tool, where you can hear what people are talking about you.

How construction companies can build a strong social media presence:

1. Focus on right networks: Social media is a vast playground for marketers --  not all rides will suit you. Choose wisely, because it’s easy to waste money here. According to a recent study, construction companies are getting a  major share of their RoI from LinkedIn and Facebook. Blog

Start with these two. Don’t forget to measure and compare the results at regular intervals. It will offer a great insight into the best-performing network for you, which in turn, will help you in planning your social media marketing more effecttively.

2. Decide the right frequency: One of the golden rules of social media marketing is: maintain consistency. This is one of the crucial challenges construction companies face on social media -- finding content to post on social media consistently.

The ideal solution is two-fold. First, think ahead and then, believe in variety.

In order to maintain consistency, plan a month ahead for your postings.. You don't need to post every day of a week. 2-3 posts a week is just fine, as long as your social media pages are consistent and active.

Spread the content throughout the week and try posting different types of content, ranging from industry news to memes. Just remember that your audience should be able to connect with your content -- you’ll be good to go!

Here is an example of a standard social media weekly calendar that any construction company can start with. Blog

Make a manageable plan. If you have content for a 2 posts/week program, don't go for a 5 posts/week plan. This is one of the reasons that many construction companies run out of content ideas after some time and stop posting at all.

3. Present your content like never-before: Add value to your audience’s time.

As a construction company, making the content visually appealing along with providing valuable information might seem to be a challenge, but there are brands that you can look up to. Blog

It's said that a picture speaks a thousand words and the example from PlanGrid is an ideal example.

4. Be relevant to the time: Multiple topics are discussed regularly on social media. Your brand needs to be present in each relevant discussion. Twitter trending topics are a tool where you can find relevant topics to participate and make your mark. Blog

You can also modify the results based on your location with the “Change” option in order to find the trending topics in your vicinity.

Another way to stay relevant with time is to address current affairs. Let’s take a look at an example from Skanska, a leader in the business. Blog

5. Give your brand a human voice: There is a popular myth that construction companies have to be serious in their approach to make the audience feel serious about them. Well, that’s just a myth.

Your audience wants to know the people behind the brand. Besides, it’s always recommended that we share the inside stories and fun parts of our everyday life on social media. This is essential to make your audience connect with you instantly.

Showcasing customers is also a good idea to add a human voice to your brand. Blog

6. Engage and educate with blogs: Blogging is one of the greatest tools a construction company can have. A blog can be used to convey any kind of message; be it a case study or industry news; be it a product details or partnerships and associates highlights.
However, blogging alone will not help if you don't share it on social media. Let's take an idea from Bechtel Corporation. Blog

They not only write amazing blogs but also share them on their social media pages.

7. Showcase partners: Construction is one of those sectors where brands need to work in a large number of collaborations. And social media gives an amazing opportunity to showcase them. It not only makes you appear colossal but also builds a trust for you in the market. And there is a bonus advantage. Your partners feel recognized and appreciated. Blog

It is an ideal way to show that every partnership is important to your business.

8. Run ads: Not many construction companies are investing on social media ads currently. Blog

They are not only missing out on great opportunities in terms of connecting with a more relevant audience but also missing out on getting leads for the business.

9. Show your offline campaigns off: Construction companies frequently arrange events and campaigns offline. It's time to take them online as well. And there are many ways to do it.


Bechtel Corporation arranged an offline event and made sure to show the glimpses on their social media page. Apart from short videos, Facebook or Instagram Live is another great tool to share highlights of an event.

Let’s look at a wonderful example that shows how to talk about your offline campaigns on social media. Blog

Skanska USA did an amazing campaign welcoming students at their new school, built by the construction company. The campaign got the well-deserved applaud on social media for their efforts as well.


Are you on social media? Is your company doing well in getting you a satisfactory RoI? Tell us about it. You never know we might write about your construction company in one of our future articles.

And if you are still thinking, there is no better time to start. Do it today. We hope this ultimate guide will help you kickstart your social media journey. If you still have a question or query, do write to us. We are always there to help!

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