Case Study

Timely by DrFirst

“We engaged with Josh and his team to really understand and help us in our market positioning as well as look to align with our goal which is to disrupt the pharma marketplace. Josh’s team has been great.“

Andrew Burns
Chief Growth Officer

Timely, a digital end-to-end prescription adherence solution for over 50 million patients, collaborates with myriad healthcare industry stakeholders. It is a product of DrFirst, the 20 year medication management innovator that at present supports over 33% of all prescriptions.  

JM&Co. executes a complete growth experience covering all aspects of sales and marketing. We support the Chief Growth Officer directly and coordinate with and support internal teams to facilitate an ambitious and virtually endless agenda.

Results are tracked as deliverables and determined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). JM&Co. continues to achieve on all fronts.


We partnered our marketing staff directly with their internal team. This helps manage seasonality and inventory while scaling ad campaigns. Daily optimization of the Google Shopping channel identifies winning and losing campaigns fast and facilitates cost-effective experimentation for campaign expansion.

Custom audience modeling in Facebook combined with rapid multivariate testing of ad copies, graphics, and video delivered profitable campaigns at launch.

Regular strategic deep dives unearth cultural insights, new marketing angles, and alternative customer outreach methods (e.g. Bing, data-driven cataloging, selective print advertising). We draft and update their growth plan collaboratively, which includes a roadmap for greater scalability over the next 12-18 months.

The art is building the right growth campaign. The science is in the results.

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