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Wellness Beverages

“It was great to have Josh and his entire team who are really experts in their field, help us out and explain every step of the process whether it was on Facebook or other platforms. It really helped to formulate the understanding of what we’re doing, and in the process he and his team have become an integral part of our company. Not just as a contractor, but we speak to them as colleagues of ours now.”

Eric Ronsse

TEONAN launches an innovative e-commerce beverage business from scratch and earns thousands of customers.

TEONAN creates delicious mushroom, adaptogen and probiotic infused hot drinks. TEONAN wanted to build a business and at the time had only product recipes and packaging. Without a background in e-commerce, marketing, or product launches, TEONAN sought comprehensive guidance for the development, launch, and scale of their business.




Thousands of customers and
repeat buyers


Multi-channel marketing campaigns scaling


We guided TEONAN through the development of a launch plan and provided educational resources. The website was custom built on Shopify.

Marketing funnel experiments tested landing pages, offers, and ad channels (Google and Facebook/Instagram, primarily). Email testing and automation acquired new customers and repeat buyers at improving margins.

We recorded a customer feedback event at the WeWork in Times Square, the largest WeWork in the world. Mood board and photography collaboration produced a collection of on-brand images. Daily campaign optimization and collaboration yielded a long list of growth opportunities.

The art is building the right growth campaign. The science is in the results.

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