Case Study

Peter Christian
Gentlemen’s Outfitters

“We’ve been able to generate revenue in the UK market and start a burgeoning US business. Three months after we started using JM&Co. we saw a significant increase in revenue and traffic to the site, and that’s when I realized it was working. Our growth in the US is now one of the most exciting parts of what we do.”

Maxwell Alderton
E-Commerce Director
Peter Christian Gentlemen's Outfitters

Peter Christian implements an omnichannel e-commerce campaign to penetrate the US market and scale further in the UK.

Peter Christian is a premier clothier in the UK with a tailoring history stretching back almost a century. Prior to our collaboration, they struggled to penetrate the US market (a challenge shared by many British brands) and were lagging behind in the quality and scalability of their digital campaigns in their home market.


Year Over Year US Revenue Growth


Year Over Year UK Revenue Growth


Scaling Of
Ad Spending


We partnered our marketing staff directly with their internal team. This helps manage seasonality and inventory while scaling ad campaigns. Daily optimization of the Google Shopping channel identifies winning and losing campaigns fast and facilitates cost-effective experimentation for campaign expansion.

Custom audience modeling in Facebook combined with rapid multivariate testing of ad copies, graphics, and video delivered profitable campaigns at launch.

Regular strategic deep dives unearth cultural insights, new marketing angles, and alternative customer outreach methods (e.g. Bing, data-driven cataloging, selective print advertising). We draft and update their growth plan collaboratively, which includes a roadmap for greater scalability over the next 12-18 months.

The art is building the right growth campaign. The science is in the results.

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