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Driving Academy
The Road to Freedom

"When I started, I was a one man show for the first 6 months. We're now 2 years in, and I have a staff of 10. We've grown a A LOT. We've increased our sales by 300% over the past year, and we expect to do that again this year."

Jonathan Marques
Founder of Driving Academy

Driving Academy expands rapidly, growing 300% year over year for multiple years.

Driving Academy in Linden, New Jersey provides commercial and standard license driver instruction. After 6 months in business, customer traction was slow and the existing website and Search Engine Optimization strategy did not support business growth. Driving Academy needed a marketing partner and a plan.


Qualified leads acquired monthly


Monthly revenue


Rankings in organic and paid search


A custom Wordpress website optimized for search engines delivered #1 rankings on desktop and mobile devices. Google Search and YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads delivered regular and ongoing leads.

Paid campaigns scaled successfully with greater lead volumes and decreasing Cost Per Lead targets. Leads were validated and tracked with dynamic call tracking and form submission confirmation. Strategy consultations provided guidance on lead management and phone sales.

The art is building the right growth campaign. The science is in the results.

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