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6 Ways to Build Your Mailing List Using Facebook

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6 Ways to Build Your Mailing List Using Facebook

March 1, 2019

6 Facebook Hacks to Get More Addresses for Your Mailing List

Do you send emails to your customers? Do you know emails can work better for your business if used properly, compared to its other marketing counterparts?

Yes! You heard it right. Emails do provide great results.

With time, emails have come a long way. Emails, these days, are interactive, customized and responsive. They enhance your customer’s experience and help you spread the word in bulk and improve your sales.

Here are some of the interesting stats that will restore your faith on email marketing again.

According to Statista, the number of email users are growing and it will touch 4.3 billion in 2022. Blog

Email marketing is RoI driven. For every dollar you spend on emails, you get a return of $32. Blog

Emails are still the most effective marketing tool to get new customers and retain old customers, according to an Emarsys research. Blog

The above mentioned data points are convincing enough to make you understand the importance of email marketing for your business.

The major challenge of email marketing is, however, not going about it. It’s, on the contrary, creating a solid email list that can serve your purpose.

Social media can help. Let’s go through some of the social media hacks to get emails for your customer database. But before we start, let's make one important thing clear.

We all have to have a need to send emails. Sort your reason. It could be selling a product or service, launching a new collection, or spreading news. Make sure you have a proper landing page for a campaign before you send out emails.

If you cannot provide a good reason for your subscribers to sign up for your newsletters, it may backfire. And you may have to work harder to build your email list in the future. So, always pay double attention to prep before you start.

1. Build Facebook Sign Up CTA button: Facebook allows businesses to add a CTA button for their pages. Add the “Sign Up” button. Blog

Link it to a landing page, which can motivate your viewers to sign up for your newsletters. Blog

Let’s look at a good example of such a landing page from Social Media Examiner. Blog

Just like the above example, a promising landing page consists of clear and concise design and a hook to intrigue your audience to share their email IDs with you.

There are other CTA button options to send your audience to your website. However, “Sign Up” button makes it clearer for them to know what to except.

2. Create a Facebook tab for email signups: Create a Facebook tab to invite people to sign up for your emails. Here is a Facebook tab by “Get Response.” Blog

The idea is, when a user clicks on the tab, he gets a chance to sign up for your emails without leaving Facebook. And he will directly be added to your database. All you need to do is, integrate your email service provider with Facebook.

You, as a business, can understand how convenient it is for any business to get email ids with just one click. However, make sure your audience gets to see the tab. So bring it up a little up to ensure more visibility.

Go to Settings and click on Templates and Tabs. From here you can customize the position of the tabs. Blog

3. Make posts to promote the Facebook tab: Your audience will not be able to know about your Facebook tab and its functionality to sign up for your emails, unless you announce it on the platform.

Plan some posts every month promoting the Facebook tab.

During the period of content calendar prep, make sure you add 3 to 4 different posts in a month, promoting the email sign up tab. One post could be a direct promotion to sign up. Another could be an upcoming offer or a promo code that would be available once a person signs up for your emails and so on.

Some examples of a one-month content ideas are below: Blog

4. Promote gated content: Create great content and make them gated, so your audience can access the information in exchange of their email IDs. Let’s look at an example below. Blog

Similarly, you can make ebooks, reports, or webinars for your audience. Make sure you promote them on social media, so you audience know about it and sign up for it.

5. Create lead ads on Facebook: Facebook lead ads work as contact forms. And they are very easy to make. Go to Campaigns and create a new one. Select “Lead Generation” as objective. Blog

Facebook lead generation ads come with a customizable form. After you set up your target audience, budget, creatives and text copy, go to Instant Form and create one for your lead ad. Blog

Simple, isn’t it?

However, it’s not as simple to get email IDs as it may sound. Your ads need to be promising enough to make your audience share their email IDs with you. Try different ad copies and creatives to know what works better. You can also A/B test with the forms. Blog

Keep it easy and quick for your audience. Try putting minimum number of questions in the form.

6. Launch social media contests: Social media contests can give you the desired brand awareness and at the same time help you collect as many emails as possible within a short period of time. However, in order to collect emails, you need to arrange a giveaway to attract eyeballs. Let's see how Tootsie Roll had done it. Blog

They created a customized tab on Facebook with ShortStack where they asked their audience to enter for a chance to be the first to taste their latest pop. After a person filled the form and submit his email ID, the shortlisted people were sent the lollipops with a feedback form.

Conclusion: Emails still play a vital role in RoI generation of a business. However, the secret to a great email strategy depends on the people you are sending your content to. They must be interested in your services or products. Social media is an ideal platform to grab the eyeballs of your target customers.

This article will help you build yourself an email database that works.

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