August 16, 2022

Why Hire an Amazon PPC Company & How to Find The Right One?


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Why Hire an Amazon PPC Company & How to Find The Right One?

It’s a hypercompetitive market out there. With the constant changes in market conditions and consumer demands, companies are pulling at all the stops, spending a lot of money and time to adapt. They know that the competition is using every tool at their disposal to get ahead of the curve. So, naturally, what was once a bonus or a luxury is now an absolute necessity. The prime example is Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

That’s why you see so many businesses hiring an Amazon PPC company to create the perfect campaign. Some business owners wonder why they should hire an agency when they can do it on their own. Well, we’re going to tell you why and how!

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon Pay-Per-Click is a service that enables merchants to bid on keywords and purchase ad spots on Amazon.com. When a customer searches for a term on which a merchant has bid, their ad can show up in the search results. If the consumer clicks on the ad, the vendor must pay a charge to Amazon.

Amazon PPC may be an excellent approach to promote visitors to and sell your items on Amazon.com. But, it is critical to bid on related keywords and devises a spending plan that you can live with. Otherwise, you risk having a negative ROI.

If you lack the time to analyze and monitor the efficacy of your PPC campaign, you might seek assistance from PPC firms. Their professionals can supply you with tailor-made solutions that incorporate the best PPC methods for achieving your specific objectives. They may also give PPC management services that are tailored to your current requirements.

Why Hire an Amazon PPC Company?

There are many ways for an Amazon PPC company to benefit your business. Here are six of them:

1. Leverage Negative Keywords

The chances are you are spending money on traffic that won't convert if you are not taking advantage of negative keywords. Amazon, like you, does not want your offers to catch the eyes of unqualified buyers.

Negative keywords enable Amazon to prevent your ads from appearing in product searches containing those phrases or keywords. For instance, if you exclusively offer men's shoes, you should include "women's shoes" as a negative keyword to avoid wasting ad spending on inquiries that aren't related to your goods.

Negative keyword screening is a highly effective tool in the Amazon marketing tool belt. A professional advertising firm can assist you in thoroughly examining your campaign data to identify the costly keywords.

2. Handle the Intricacies

Once you've determined the best keywords, it's time to launch your Amazon PPC ads. At this point, things may become complicated.

There are several settings and choices to adjust, and it is simple to make an error. If you don't understand the process, you might wind up squandering a lot of money on advertisements that don't result in any sales.

The good thing is that an Amazon PPC company can handle all of the intricacies for you. We'll ensure that your ads are set correctly and that no ad spend is being wasted.

3. Optimize Ad Spend Through Keyword Research

One of the most common mistakes we see organizations make with Amazon PPC is refusing to carefully invest in keyword research.

Before launching any ads, you should know which terms are most likely to bring in a sale. This allows you to focus the ad budget on terms that will create money. However, keyword research takes patience and is hard to do correctly. It demands a full grasp of Amazon's search algorithm, along with a lot of iterations.

Keyword research is also a continuous effort. You must constantly analyze your keywords to ensure that they remain relevant and that you are not passing up fresh possibilities.

That is why it is generally advisable to delegate keyword research to professionals. An Amazon PPC company will have a team of seasoned specialists that understand how to locate the best keywords for your items.

4. Offer Superior Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is mostly about determining what your rivals are doing well and then determining how your PPC Amazon company can do even better. 

Studying the competitive environment exposes your main competitors, what they do to succeed, and how active your marketing effort must be to beat them to the Buy Box. For instance, you might need to determine whether to start competing by bidding on the exact same terms as your competition or to pursue searches that the competition is ignoring.

Examining your own records thoroughly can assist you in determining which keywords are most frequently used, which keywords are working effectively, and which potentially neglected terms. By doing so, you'll have a lot better sense of search volume, keyword rankings, and ad placement.

Using this Amazon marketing expertise in conjunction with information on your top rivals can show holes that you can subsequently exploit. The main issue is that this procedure takes a long time and requires a high level of expertise.

To help them monitor the market and maintain an edge, most firms employ an Amazon PPC company. They'll assist you with tracking the overall Amazon SEO and ranking for high-volume terms that your rivals aren't utilizing, as well as increasing your total return on ad spend (ROAS) and revenues.

5. Monitor & Measure Ad Performance

You cannot optimize anything if you cannot measure it. This holds for all marketing initiatives, including Amazon PPC. It's difficult to determine if your ad is functioning well or if you're squandering ad cash until you measure your key performance indicators and overall outcomes.

You need a way to monitor sales and track their sources while having access to data regarding conversions, impressions, and other metrics.

Putting these figures into a spreadsheet is just the start. To improve your digital marketing performance and overall company expansion, you'll also have to analyze and optimize these KPIs.

By using this comprehensive research, you can determine which ad placements and terms lead to the greatest number of conversions and orders, allowing you to then modify your ads appropriately.

The top PPC companies are equipped with the technical, marketing, and analytical abilities needed to run and monitor your campaigns so you can assess their effectiveness and financial viability.

Amazon PPC management companies can monitor and report on crucial data like sales, ad expenditure, profitability, and RoAS. CANOPY Management goes a step further, employing unique data methodologies to give extensive reporting and professional advice for campaign changes, allowing advertisers to optimize their ad spend and PPC campaign strategy.

6. Keep Up with Any Amazon Updates

Amazon is always improving, and keeping up with all the latest improvements may be challenging. However, if you want to operate an effective Amazon PPC campaign, you must keep track of these developments.

Amazon, for instance, recently revealed that it would change the way ads are showcased on smartphones. If you're not ready, this may have a major effect on your adverts.

An Amazon PPC company will keep you in the loop on the newest modifications. They'll also make necessary changes to your campaigns so that you may continue to produce sales and expand your company.

If you want to operate a fruitful Amazon PPC ad campaign, you should partner with a knowledgeable Amazon PPC firm. They can assist you in selecting the right keywords, creating high-converting ads, and continuously monitoring your campaigns.

How To Find the Right One

Here are the five ways you can tell an Amazon PPC company is the right one for you because it can:

1. Leverage Rankings to Boost Your Ads

Amazon PPC is one-of-a-kind. In contrast to other marketplaces, a smart Amazon PPC campaign may have a significant influence on your organic listings while also maximizing your direct conversions.

But, before relying on PPC to boost organic traffic, a professional PPC management provider will make sure that your existing rankings are in good condition. In addition, it should consider:

  • Premium content: Your Amazon PPC company should make certain that your listings have captivating writing, high-quality photographs, key phrases, and backend optimization. They must also consider enhancements such as A+ content.
  • Price: Having competitive pricing ensures success. Amazon pricing tactics, particularly for retailers, are critical to capturing the Buy Box. 

Amazon's algorithms prioritize products with quick delivery timeframes. You may lose exposure to goods that are Prime eligible if you are not Prime eligible.

Only by mastering these fundamentals will PPC be able to influence outcomes and propel you to the front of a search list.

2. Carry Out Insightful Audits

Auditing your Ads is critical – investing in the wrong area and missing obvious chances are simple but costly blunders. When a PPC campaign is evaluated, monitored, and adjusted, exposure and sales may skyrocket.

Your PPC management evaluation should consider the following:

PPC campaigns nearly always have 'baggage' from personnel or strategy changes.

How to effectively manage complicated, usually huge campaigns.

You need to be quick to capitalize on the numerous advancements on the Amazon platform, such as new data and new targeting choices, to mention a few, as it is in a state of nearly continual development.

There is always a risk that new features may be adopted inconsistently and set improperly, even if you keep up with all Amazon PPC improvements.

Given its significance, your PPC management solution must question your preconceptions on how to effectively maximize your advertising budget and keep your company ahead of the growing competition on a regular basis.

Here are some audit procedures and methods used by a professional Amazon PPC company:

  • Monitor Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Study different types of ads
  • Maintain a balance among the ad types
  • Reevaluate bid placements
  • Develop research and execution campaigns

3. Monitor the Milestones

Audits are only useful when they link performance to goals. Essentially, are you achieving the company goals?

Various objectives result in different priorities, which affects the audit findings. As an example:

  • Achieving an ACoS goal. 
  • Interacting with customers who’re not familiar with the brand. 
  • Launching and promoting a new service.

A good PPC management company will ask you about your goals at the beginning of a campaign. Without a PPC management company assisting you in defining and understanding what you're attempting to achieve, your PPC plan may lean toward a one-size-fits-all style that isn't concerned with helping you develop. 

They should assist you in developing an actual figure after they understand how you measure success. For instance, if you're interested in ACoS, you must be prompted to choose a target.

Knowing your data is critical to aligning your company and PPC goals. As Amazon brings larger portions of data to the public, PPC management companies must utilize the greatest analytical procedures to help you understand that information.

4. Accept Both The Easy & The Hard

The sheer amount of information available to Amazon sellers, the variety of sources and reports available there, and the requirement to combine short-term and long-term findings can easily overwhelm them. A reliable Amazon PPC company should help you deal with this and make the most of your Amazon input.

The less time you spend analyzing numbers and looking over charts, the more time you get to convert the insights into measurable business results. A monthly audit report may save you days of searching through Search Term data, allowing you to focus on the plan.

Analytics solutions may connect large amounts of history and present data horizontally across silos to create a perfect, all-encompassing view of your consumers. Advanced data analysis, generally utilizing AI and ML, may swiftly uncover insights across many client journeys and aid in the rationalization of PPC campaigns.

5. Track, Optimize & Progress

The more regularly you evaluate data, the more simplified your tactics for getting greater results will be. An Amazon PPC company may assist in discovering patterns and possibilities for additional growth by using a continuous, repeatable strategy for PPC, seizing opportunities as they arise. 

However, the company should be willing to experiment with new tactics and execute such tests in an organized manner, such as through A/B testing. It's also good to check to see if the company in issue gets access to Amazon beta items.

Basically, your Amazon PPC company should look beyond different reports and toward a more comprehensive strategy that gives faster, more informed answers, allowing you to focus on action.


Creating a PPC team is a long-term effort that Amazon vendors must consider in order to enjoy development and success. But, the hiring and orientation process might take a long time before you discover the expertise your company needs.

Working with a PPC management company should instantly provide you with specialized assistance and knowledge. It should also be more cost effective for your budget, allowing you to easily scale your management service expenditure as campaigns and goals change.

A strong Amazon PPC company should offer immediate insight while also helping you in developing additional in-house resources. 

By partnering with us at JM&Co, you can concentrate on expanding your business instead of handling ad campaigns. You don’t have to struggle with every part of the campaign as we’ll find the right keywords, the right placement, and find the right strategy to boost your ROI. Just get in touch and let’s start.

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