January 4, 2023

Who is An Amazon PPC Manager & How Can They Help Your Business?


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Managing advertising efforts and metrics on Amazon is one of the most challenging tasks for retailers and brands.

As buyers search Amazon 24/7 looking for new items to buy, sellers are forced to devote a substantial portion of their budget to advertising. This way, they’ll increase their chances of getting more sales, but only if they manage their Amazon advertising campaigns, strategies, and budget effectively.

An Amazon PPC manager takes care of the entire paid search campaign and keeps track of results to ensure that your ads are converting visitors into customers as effectively as possible. They also monitor targeting results and measure ROI, so you get the best return on your investment.

Although it’s impossible to predict if any joint venture will be a good fit or not, we’ve outlined a few key considerations that’ll steer you in the right direction for choosing an agency to manage your PPC campaigns in this blog. 

What Is Amazon PPC & How Do Businesses Use It?

Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services or AMS) is a pay-per-click advertising service comparable to Google Adwords: Companies pay only when potential customers click their ads.

In a typical PPC ad, the advertiser wants to direct users to his or her website or application, so they can perform a profitable action, such as making a purchase or downloading a program.

PPC revolves around keywords, enabling advertisers to target users according to their search queries. Businesses that use pay-per-click marketing identify and evaluate the keywords that are most relevant to their products. The more relevant the keywords, the more clicks you can expect to receive, and, ultimately, the more money you can make.

The Amazon PPC advertising model works using the auction concept, and in order to participate, advertisers must first determine how much they are willing to pay for a particular keyword. The competitors who wish to contend for the same search term submit their bid values in hopes of outranking each other and taking the top spot on Amazon's search results.  

The most frequently asked question our experts at JM&Co get from sellers is “What is the best amount I should spend on Amazon PPC?” The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, including the bid price and the advertising quality, which determines who will be ranked first.

The nature of PPC campaigns keeps on evolving, but they are capable of delivering impressive results if properly managed. Amazon PPC management requires a special combination of expertise, resources, and industry knowledge for success. Additionally, they contribute significantly to businesses achieving their advertising goals and maximizing their return on investment.

Who Is An Amazon PPC Manager?

You can ask any accomplished and well-versed Amazon seller what their five most valuable tools are, we can assure you that PPC ranks at the top of almost every list. However, without the proper management of your Amazon PPC campaigns, your business is not maximizing its potential or, worse yet, losing money in the process. 

The management of PPC campaigns is complicated and requires constant monitoring in order to achieve desired results. Many things go into the process — you need to plan your budget each day, alter keyword bids, decide which keywords or targets to use, keep an eye on ACOS, eliminate underperforming keywords, and so on. 

Because of this, numerous Amazon sellers often opt to work with agencies or manage their marketing efforts using PPC software. You’re going to learn more about the advantages of teaming up with an Amazon PPC manager soon, but first, let’s discuss the basic responsibilities and characteristics of a good manager.

Responsibilities of An Amazon PPC Manager

The key to being a reputable Amazon PPC manager is developing certain skills and techniques and incorporating them into their campaigns as well as their general campaign philosophy. The following is a short list of responsibilities of a competent Amazon PPC manager. 

Keyword analysis: Regardless of whether you want to use an automatic or manual targeting strategy, your Amazon store still needs to be optimized based on proper keyword research, and so do your product listings (particularly if you plan to advertise them).

Refine landing pages: You don’t want to direct all your traffic to one page, do you? Amazon PPC managers adjust the content and call-to-actions on landing pages according to search terms to improve conversion rates. 

Channel strategy: PPC refers to a wide range of paid advertising strategies in digital marketing. Because many people view PPC as a different concept, no two PPC campaigns are the same, and naturally, neither should be the channels. Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and sponsored social media posts are all paid-ads channels to think about when it comes to PPC marketing.

Competitive analysis: An Amazon PPC manager helps you find out who your competitors are and how they differ from you. Moreover, they can assist you to identify points where your promotional strategy may need improvement through an analysis of the products that customers purchase most frequently instead of yours.

Qualities To Look For In Your Amazon Manager

PPC managers can transform your business if you find the right one. The partnership can result in more effective ads, higher click-through rates, and more sales. In contrast, if you choose the wrong candidate, you might find yourself with a low conversion rate and a lost ad budget. 

When making the decision to hire a manager, ensure they are capable of expanding your operation while maintaining your brand standards. Moreover, it’s always a bonus to work with PPC experts who have experience working with your type of business.

The truth is that it takes more than just technical skills to be a successful Amazon PPC manager. The position also calls for excellent communication skills, a commitment to learning, as well as other qualities.

Some of the most notable requirements and traits of Amazon PPC managers include the following.

  • Taking inspiration from your competitors
  • The right experience and certifications
  • Ability to analyze and organize information effectively
  • Optimizing PPC campaigns by researching keywords and ad copy
  • Bidding for the best keywords (at an optimized rate)
  • Maintaining performance tracking
  • Budgeting for ads
  • Developing effective advertising campaigns

A Strategic Approach to Amazon Advertising

There are Amazon stores everywhere. You can't avoid it: Whether you're a small business or a multinational corporation, making sure your products are seen — and bought — requires a marketing plan to make the most of this online eCommerce giant.

By concentrating only on Amazon Ads, you are doing yourself a disservice. Ad performance is heavily influenced by other factors such as optimizing listings, campaign management, and organic keyword placement.

To optimize your campaigns, you should regularly evaluate the performance of your account and make changes whenever necessary. Here are 5 useful tips to make your strategy work in 2023.

Get Your ASIN

Your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) are used to identify products you sell — as well as those of your competitors — on Amazon. Each ASIN represents a different product variation, but each belongs to a unique “parent ASIN,” which includes all variations.

According to Amazon, ASINs are used to:

  • Manage your products on the website
  • Check product availability at warehouses
  • Monitor the selection, packing, and delivery of goods
  • Provide customers with the ability to find the exact product they are looking for

If you'd like to get started with this Amazon ad strategy for 2023, take a look at your Amazon Search Terms report. The report will include a list of search terms people used when looking for your product. When you find ASINs, see what comes up when you search Amazon for them. Once you've done your research, you can decide if it makes sense to include these ASINs in your ad campaign or not.

Using The Flywheel Effect

Essentially, a flywheel is a revolving wheel used in machines to create more stability by generating more momentum. The “flywheel effect,” or “virtuous cycle” as Amazon refers to it, generates traffic to the platform and to sellers' accounts in measurable ways. 

In the same way as an ordinary flywheel, Amazon Flywheels are designed in a way that every element enhances the propagation of every other element. You can think of low prices, product diversity, customer satisfaction, or high visibility as what initially starts to get the wheel turning.

As you incorporate the flywheel business concept into your own strategy, consider it a philosophy and way of looking at things, not a set of specific steps or procedures to follow. Every change you make to make your business more successful can affect your flywheel, which is why you must regularly find new ways to maintain its momentum.

Maintaining a Flexible Strategy

There is no end to the process of designing and executing a successful Amazon advertising strategy. Therefore, flexibility is one of your most valuable assets, especially when it comes to devising Amazon advertising strategies in 2023.

As Amazon's platform evolves, brands must stay on top of the market, develop and experiment with new strategies, and revise their business strategies in light of new findings. The agility of brands can help them win not just on Amazon - but in other markets as well.

There are many businesses that take a hands-off approach when it comes to advertising. In these cases, they continue running their ads without taking time to analyze their performance, resulting in a waste of money and a loss of revenue. Make your Amazon advertising campaign strategy flexible, and you'll be on your way to success.

Control Your Budget

Every successful Amazon advertising begins with a well-planned advertising budget that allows sellers to engage customers throughout their buying journey. Therefore, setting a budget for sponsored advertising on Amazon is crucial for producers and retailers selling on the site. 

You might find it useful to use insights from last year before setting a budget. Of course, you should consider your latest advertising expenditures in case you are a new seller who does not have a long advertising history. Don’t forget to anticipate about twice the number of clicks (and budget) you normally receive during the holiday season.

Seek Professional Help

Hiring an experienced professional in Amazon advertising or marketing services will usually give your company a head start or an edge over your competitors. This is because of the years of expertise and insider knowledge that come with partnering with professionals, which will help you manage your PPC campaigns better.

In Amazon PPC management, the goal is to increase the ROI of a campaign through increased sales with a reduced advertising cost. Amazon PPC experts make this happen by increasing ad quality, focusing on high-converting keywords, and lowering costs on low-converting keywords.

Hiring An Amazon PPC Manager

Did you know that 63% of online shoppers start their search for items by visiting Amazon? But because there are so many sellers with different shipping options and deals, your brand is likely to get overlooked by potential buyers.

Having in-house marketing staff may make you think you don't need a PPC specialist. However, it is advisable to hire an outside PPC company for their access to data that can help them make more informed decisions compared to an internal marketing team, among other reasons.

By hiring an Amazon PPC manager, you can concentrate on your brand’s core competencies and leave the daily tasks of campaign management to the PPC manager. This allows you to devote more time to your branding, promotional strategy, profitability, and other aspects of your business.

If you work with an agency, an account manager will be available to assist you whenever you have questions about the performance of your campaign. 

Ad agencies do a lot of work using advertising software while they manage your campaigns as well. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and a wide range of options.

JM&Co. Amazon PPC Management Services

Campaign setup and management can be a bit challenging, particularly if you aren't familiar with the intricate pay-per-click model, the rules you should follow, and the best way to organize them.

Our Amazon research and management experts at JM&Co. have all of the advertising optimization tools you need to devise and implement successful advertising campaigns for your business. Our Amazon PPC management services will help you maximize your profitability, ensuring you stay on top of all the latest updates and tactics without you having to worry about it.

With an Amazon PPC manager, your campaigns can be created and optimized according to your business goals for optimal results. For instance, if you want to increase brand awareness, you can choose from a variety of campaigns and options tailored to your needs. Also, if scaling your business is the goal, well-researched and optimized campaigns can dramatically boost sales and profitability.  

If you wish to succeed on Amazon and take advantage of all the opportunities, you need to hire a PPC expert to maximize your revenue more effectively in a shorter amount of time. Contact us so we can work together to achieve your business goals and expand your horizons. 

A Final Word about PPC Management

It isn't enough to rely on organic search engine optimization (SEO) to be competitive on Amazon. Your PPC campaign needs to be well-executed as well if you want to gain more visibility, increase traffic and revenue, and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

A PPC campaign involves a pay-per-click model in which advertisers pay each time their ads are clicked on. PPC is often seen as a short-term means of exposing your products to consumers. With a long-term Amazon PPC approach, however, you’ll gain additional sales and clicks in addition to boosting your organic rankings.

Any successful business model relies heavily on good marketing, and an experienced PPC manager can have a profound impact on both. Hiring a PPC manager can free up your marketing team from some of the responsibilities. 

Whether you hire a lower-cost manager with fewer hours or a more expensive manager with more hours, increasing your income will more than cover the difference. With this partnership, you can create better ads, drive more traffic, and generate more sales. 

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