April 26, 2019

Why Outsource Lead Generation and to Whom?


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If you’re not thinking about outsourcing lead generation services, you should. It’s more profitable and efficient than generating the leads yourself. Click here to schedule a free consultation with Josh Meah and discover the benefits of our lead generation services.

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Why are Leads Crucial for a Business like Yours?

Your customers need more time to reach a decision when:

  • the product or service has a high price tag,
  • they’re not sure about the results it will deliver,  
  • when they are going to use the product or service for a long time, or
  • you’re dealing with a group of buyers instead of a single customer.

Because customers don’t always buy right away, businesses need a healthy flow of leads in the sales funnel at all times, leads that they can nurture and mature into paying customers.

What are Lead Generation Services and how do they Work?

Outsourcing lead generation is the latest marketing trend in B2B as well as high-involvement B2C businesses.  

A lead-generation services provider is a company that specializes in generating leads for different types of businesses. Such a company is responsible for generating and qualifying the leads before delivering them to your CRM or lead-nurturing software.

Depending on your contract, the lead-generation company may also nurture the leads until they reach the final stages of the sales cycle.

A professional lead-generation company works on the following areas to keep your sales funnel brimming with leads.

Customer Profile Creation: Lead generation starts with customers, so a professional provider like Josh Meah makes every effort to learn more and more about your customers. It must create ideal customer profiles. Once these profiles are set, the provider can select the best channels and communication strategies to generate leads.

Multichannel Lead Generation: The three most commonly used B2B lead generation strategies are email marketing (78%), event marketing (73%), and content marketing (67%). For B2B software companies, the top sources of new leads are organic search, SEM/PPC advertising, and word of mouth referrals. A professional provider specializes in generating leads using all of these channels and more.

Lead Qualification: A quality lead generation services provider makes sure to send you only qualified leads that are likely to convert into buyers. For this purpose, it implements a lead qualification system using which your marketing team can “screen” the leads before they are sent to the sales team for follow-up.  The system assigns a “lead-score” to each lead by analyzing factors such as buyer profile, level of interest, buying intent, and other inputs from your CRM.

Lead Delivery: The service provider may deliver leads in real time or batches after set intervals.  It may deliver the leads via email or lead delivery software. In the latter case, the leads may be delivered one at a time into your CRM in real time. Most companies prefer real-time lead delivery, but you need to have the proper CRM software in place for that.

Lead Reporting: A competent lead generation company like JoshMeah.com measures and reports the mission-critical metrics that make it possible for you to make improvements to your lead-generation funnel and lead-nurturing strategy. Some of the must-report metrics include CTR, Conversion Rate, Time-to-Conversion, RoI, CPC, CPM, Cost per Lead, Lead Generation Rate by Channel, and Lead-to-Sale Ratio.  

Why Should You Outsource Lead Generation?

Businesses like yours spend most of their time and budget in generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads. This leaves them little time and capacity for doing their core job—improving products and services.

By outsourcing lead generation services, you can rid yourself of the burden of having to look for customers and focus all of your attention on providing better, more innovative products and services.

For a company like yours, lead generation is one of the jobs and not the job. A company that has to do many other activities apart from lead-generation can seldom be as good at it as a company that exists for the sole purpose of generating leads. The latter is likely to be more proficient, efficient, and cost-effective option.

That’s why companies that outsource lead generation can grow more rapidly and efficiently. The catch here is that the lead generation services provider must be a professional company with a proven track record.


High-involvement products and services have a longer sales cycle and need a consistent flow of leads to survive and thrive. In-house lead generation takes the focus away from more important jobs like customer service or product innovation. It is also likely to be more expensive because you might not be able to pay attention to the many small things that impact the cost of lead generation. Outsourcing lead-generation to a dedicated service provider makes your life easy and reduces the cost.

With that said, lead generation is serious business and should never be taken lightly.  Working with a weak or unprofessional lead generation partner can prove detrimental for business growth. Your lead generation agency must be an expert at multichannel marketing, marketing automation, lead attribution, and performance measurement.

Speak with Josh today to discover how our lead-generation services can help you drive more qualified leads and grow faster!

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