January 18, 2023

Two Essential Tips to Hire an Amazon PPC Specialist


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These days, many businesses use Amazon PPC advertising to boost their sales and optimize conversions. Increasing sales using Amazon PPC Advertising is becoming increasingly popular among Amazon sellers. Therefore, the demand for experienced Amazon PPC specialists is booming. This demand requires not merely any form of advertising expertise, but a seasoned, hands-on professional.

Businesses seeking a return on their sponsored search need to bring an Amazon PPC specialist, at least to handle execution complexities. Professionals understand how to prepare a strategic plan, frame PPC ad campaigns in Google AdWords, and improve them for maximum results.

Of course, in addition to experience, you want to hire an Amazon PPC specialist whose skills match your specific needs and goals. So, you may ask, what are those essential skills? And how can you make sure that a candidate has those skills? We’ll show you how. First, let’s see what an Amazon PPC specialist can do for you.

What Does an Amazon PPC Specialist Do?

An Amazon PPC specialist is an individual or an agency that creates, optimizes, and manages PPC ad campaigns designed to enhance exposure and conversions for Amazon listings. They may also assist you in monitoring and measuring the outcomes of your marketing campaign to guarantee optimal effectiveness.

An Amazon PPC specialist uses Amazon's advertising solutions and capabilities to help sellers promote their products. This may be accomplished via keyword research, bidding, ad language improvement, and other strategies.

Amazon PPC experts' major goal is to increase traffic to your items on the market. This is done by posting relevant and intriguing adverts on search results pages that link consumers to the product listings.

We will now answer the question mentioned above: “how can you find the right Amazon PPC advertising expert/agency?”

First, Look For These Qualities in Your Amazon PPC Specialist

We’ve listed seven essential skills that any Amazon PPC specialist should have. They are:

A Solid Statistical Background

To operate as a PPC Expert, your candidate must be able to offer recommendations for ad campaigns and also evaluate statistics. The data associated with paid advertising is massive and complex, calling for the experienced eye of an ad professional to analyze and utilize in their following campaigns. A competent Amazon PPC Specialist recognizes that each campaign will have its own set of click-through rates (CTRs), clicks, and views. They can examine data more accurately and finally develop effective options for your company using the facts they've acquired. Their options include not just planning but also all decisions related to the starting and ending point of any ad campaign they manage.

Amazon PPC management has several complex components, particularly those utilizing statistics. Without sufficient statistical expertise, your Amazon PPC specialist may be unable to guide you to choices that are beneficial for both your company's marketing goals and your marketing budget. 

With extensive knowledge of statistics, your Amazon PPC specialist can also bring continuous improvements to your campaigns. It speeds up and eliminates any lengthy discussion you may have had about what would work best for your marketing campaigns.

Proficiency in Keyword Research

Although statistics are an essential element of most ad campaign activities, it's also crucial to evaluate the keywords that will be utilized depending on how Amazon shoppers search for items and services. 

The psychological aspect of the consumer journey is another important element of developing and managing advertisements. Search intent is an important part of this journey and goes back to keyword research. Amazon PPC Specialist will not choose keywords at random. Ad Experts utilize advanced techniques to produce a list of terms that Amazon visitors are looking for.

Keyword research is not an easy undertaking in and of itself. Experts should not just depend on their methods, but also be up to date with current trends. They must put the keywords they've discovered to the test by incorporating them into their ads.

Using effective keyword research tools and selecting the greatest keywords is not the end. Your PPC expert must also use their creativity while incorporating them into your campaign. Using hot keywords is not good enough for launching an effective ad campaign. Those keywords must also be utilized cleverly to create attention-grabbing and long-lasting impressions that can accelerate the journey from ad view to a product purchase.

Understanding Customer Behavior

An Amazon PPC Specialist's experience extends beyond knowing how to manage and build ads, analyzing data, and staying up to date on the latest trends. An Amazon PPC Specialist should also become acquainted with your customers. 

Though they might have a spreadsheet on how much sales you're generating, experts must also understand the mindset of your consumers, including their purchasing habits. Having this data will help them determine which sorts of ads will work best for your target demographic and apply that knowledge in the ad development process.

By understanding the purchase behavior of your target demographic, the Amazon PPC specialist should be able to identify advertising strategies that will give the best results based on your goals. These objectives may include growing awareness, boosting impressions, attracting qualified leads, improving conversions, developing compelling content, and so on.

Staying Up-to-Date with Latest Trends

A PPC expert must be up to date on the newest news and trends. This contributes to the company's continued success. Being up-to-date should be a top priority for your Amazon PPC specialist. This is useful for outmaneuvering Amazon's algorithm and creating good ad campaigns. It may be something they can work on in their spare time after putting in the effort to build and enhance their marketing campaigns.

Amazon advertising, like product listings, goes through numerous waves of trends depending on the ad category. If your Amazon PPC specialist is aware of these trends, they may better present your company's image, signaling to others that your business is up to date and always evolving to better fit their target audience. Knowing the most recent market trends may also assist PPC specialists in making better choices when managing your campaigns. 

Another advantage is when there are general modifications to certain ad categories, system add-ons, and overall procedures. The candidate must understand these changes so they can create an effective plan for necessary adjustments. Being up to date will also help the Amazon PPC Specialist in designing appealing ad campaigns that adhere to recently published guidelines and standards. 

This reduces the chance of your brand's ads being reported or, worse, penalized for failing to comply with Amazon's basic criteria for ad campaigns.

Clear Communication

Communication is an absolutely critical skill that Amazon PPC Specialists must have. Communication might also take numerous forms other than emails. An excellent Amazon PPC Specialist must be fluent in all modes of communication, including written, verbal, and nonverbal. Without such an ability, the dialogue between you and your PPC specialist would be complicated, making it tough to accomplish your brand's goals, as well as talk and agree on new ad campaign strategies.

Here’s how you can tell that they have good communication skills:

  • Their goals are in line with the overall business objectives
  • They offer maximum transparency and will not hide any opportunities that can advance your business
  • They set reasonable limits and expectations
  • They understand the ultimate goal of your campaign, whether it’s impressions, conversion, or anything else.
  • They communicate analytical data in simple, easy-to-understand terms, but not so simple that it becomes rather useless.

An Amazon PPC Specialist that speaks out their thoughts and suggestions is someone crucial to your company. Because of their great communication abilities, you're constantly in the loop about your ad campaigns and their results. Try to throw around ideas and talk about procedures that can help with decision-making. Team up on jobs that require more than one set of eyes to complete, among other things.


Amazon PPC Specialists, like other eCommerce and marketing positions, confront a pile of tasks ranging in difficulty and duration. PPC professionals have sometimes infinite tasks, especially when it comes to managing and building campaigns. Some could take more time and have various degrees of urgency, making time management a necessary ability.

Unexpected changes can be managed with proper time management without jeopardizing the time allowed for certain scheduled tasks. This ensures that the tasks you've discussed with your Amazon PPC Specialist are completed on time. That’s necessary if you want a proper interval between planning and fulfillment.

Timing and planning are essential in PPC Management, as they are in other undertakings. When a PPC Specialist creates a workable strategy and accounts for downtime, delivery often goes well. A clear awareness of roles, plans, objectives, duties, timing, and project structure is required for effective planning. Using a mix of planning factors, your Amazon PPC Specialist can predict any obstacles that may affect the schedule they developed, assuring the long-term sustainability of your campaigns.

Using PPC Tools

Given the volume of relevant information they supply, tools for directing and improving PPC campaigns are rather expensive. The high cost of utilizing these tools should be proportional to the expertise of your PPC expert. It doesn't make sense to spend a lot of money on equipment if your Amazon PPC specialist can't use them to their maximum capacity.

Amazon PPC Experts do not depend entirely on experience to ensure the success of ad campaigns. They have great tools that help them work efficiently. Besides, they can use many tools to gather reliable data, generate reports, and apply strategies and tactics to ensure their success. Without the proper tools, you and your Amazon PPC specialist will both be in the dark about everything you should know about the campaigns, from the most basic to the most complex. As a result, these tools are critical for any Online business that carries ads.

Second, Aks these Questions From Your Amazon PPC Specialist

Anyone preparing for an interview will think about possible questions that may come up during the session. That’s exactly what you should do when you're vetting an Amazon PPC specialist.

#1 What’s Your Background in Using Amazon Ads?

Selling on Amazon is an easy decision for online companies because it is the world's largest online marketplace. An Amazon PPC specialist will likely focus on broad search engine ad platforms, but it's useful to identify one that can handle eCommerce PPC campaigns. In addition to the website and search results, you can also spot Amazon ads on product pages. On this online store, there are several ways to capture people's attention, including paid advertising, promos, lightning deals, and discount coupons.

Amazon PPC professionals will balance your items, keywords, and bids to stimulate purchases, improve revenue, and lower your costs.

#2 What Are Your Popular Keyword Research Strategies?

Keywords are essential components of search and display ads. Display ads utilize these search terms to bring ads to your target market on relevant websites.

Since keywords target the most useful visitors, you should inquire about PPC specialists' keyword research tactics to determine if they’re reliable or not.

Keyword research begins with Google suggestions. When you try to type words into the text box, Google suggests other queries that are closely related. But even so, you want the PPC experts to go beyond this point of investigation.

They must research your sector as well as the search purpose behind terms – that is, what people expect to discover in the results. For instance, if people search for "used violin for sale" are they looking to buy a violin from eBay or a recognized violin or music store?

PPC specialists can use other tools that assess the value and competition of keywords. So, ask them about their favorite tools for keyword research.

#3 What’s the Minimum Monthly Ad Budget?

Any company or PPC specialist often has a minimum ad budget for every month Therefore, if you limit them excessively with a limited budget, they won't be able to compete for keywords or touch all of the bases your ads should touch.

To determine if your PPC specialists are a suitable fit for your company and ad budget, talk about their monthly minimum advertising budget.

The more the ad budget, the more active your PPC campaign may be. Based on the bid and usual CPC, this could help businesses cast a broader net and market for longer.

Most Amazon PPC specialists charge an upfront fee to launch the campaign. Therefore, make sure to ask questions to find out the total cost. Getting a quote may also help you with planning the right budget.

#4 What’s Your Strategy to Improve the Google Quality Score?

The first question should be to examine the PPC expert's knowledge of Google's ad process. Ad Rank and Quality Score are part of this. Using these factors, your expert must be able to optimize your ads and increase clicks.

You can improve your Google Quality Score to save money and get nicer placements. Because Google Quality Score is so important for the campaign, your Amazon PPC specialist must be skilled at adjusting it for better conversion rates and reduced costs.

Although it's reasonable to raise your bid amount under the right conditions, you'll need a strategy to boost your Google Quality Score as it's the most direct way to influence your Ad Rank. Ad Rank positions your ad in relation to other adverts bidding for the exact same keywords.

Ad Rank has an impact on your cost per click (PCP). PPC specialists must be able to use these tools to improve your ad's ranking while lowering your CPC. 

#5 How Can We Improve the Landing Page?

The battle for a user's attention does not end once they have clicked on your ad. To generate sales, you must make a well-thought-out presentation on the landing page as you move those leads through the sales funnel.

Having PPC professionals go through your landing pages to assess their efficiency can show their expertise.

The landing page, from the title to the structure, should attract visitors to stay and lead them to purchase. The CTA and hyperlinks should likewise point inwards, allowing people to focus on your brand and offerings.

Hiring an Amazon PPC Specialist - Bottom Line

Collaborating with a top Amazon PPC specialist to promote your company is one of the smartest management decisions you could make. Obviously, that requires a lot of research. In most cases, there’s no better indicator of a quality candidate than having a track record of satisfied clients with positive reviews online. A reputable PPC provider with flexible solutions and competitive costs is the best partner you can find. Luckily, we at JM&Co. check all the boxes. So, don’t hesitate and contact us to get started!

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