July 3, 2019

How to Get the Most from Your Visual Marketing Assets


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Video production is easy these days!

Anyone can shoot 4K videos using a smart-phone. Take a few shots, stitch them together with a free video-editing app, and you have a business video ready to go—or that’s what every other business seems to think.  That’s why almost nine out of ten businesses use some sort of video for marketing.

It’s also safe to say nine out of ten of these DIY videographers fail to achieve the results that professional video marketers can deliver.

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Amateur video and photo assets do not project the brand image that you’d like to deliver. They look, well, amateur, and make your business look the same too. The rather sobering fact is that unprofessional video and photos can do more damage than good!

Two Reasons Why Your Videos Don’t Go Viral

There are two reasons why the best of your Facebook photos or YouTube videos don’t get past single-digit shares and a few hundred views.

The first reason is quality.

Amateur photos and videos shot with smart-phones are nowhere close to broadcast quality videos and photos produced using full-frame DSLR cameras, professional lighting, and Hollywood style editing.

The second reason is that you’re not actively promoting the videos.

With 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, your video will be forgotten in days unless you keep pushing it through multiple channels.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visual Marketing Content

Have you thought about how you’re going to use your professional video and photos asset? Here are a few options and must haves.

1. Select the Best Digital Channels

Your Website

You must publish your company intro, testimonials, and your best video and photo assets on your website.  The intro and testimonials serve as trust factors while top videos will get back-links and social shares.


The obvious first choice for publishing videos, YouTube is the world’s biggest video platform and second-biggest search engine. It’s also home to a vibrant community of trigger-happy video viewers, the trigger being the share button. It’s a must have for generating word-of-mouth and website traffic.


Half a billion daily video watchers can’t be wrong. If your videos are short, smart, and quirky, Facebook may be THE best place for publishing them. Your video gets exposures and views with each Like, Share, or Comment that it attracts.

Spoiler Alert: You’ll need a Facebook page and followers before you can start publishing videos. Facebook is not free if you want real results. You’ll need to advertise your videos and photos to make a solid impact.


Instagram is THE place for posting high-quality, stunning, and stylish photo imagery, the adjectives being of the essence. You need professionally produced photo and video assets that appeal to a modern and tasteful audience if you want to make a splash.

Twitter is very effective for spreading the word with short video clips and images. Funny memes and gifs do great on Twitter, apart from well-thought-out short business or brand videos.

LinkedIn is for you if you’re a B2B company that has clients in the corporate world. It’s the best place to publish company intro, VSL, and other business videos.

Pinterest has a predominantly female American user base. It allows you to create “Pinboards” or collection of visual assets that others can then “Pin” to their boards and web pages. Pretty awesome.

The best video and photo marketing channel for you is the channel that most of your customers use. I would suggest using the first three and handpicking one from the last three. If your audience comprises of professionals, for example, pick LinkedIn.

2. Share Your Video and Photo Assets Widely

The simplest way to increase the ROI of photos and videos is to share them through multiple channels. You might need to vary the visual content for different channels. For example, you can edit a long video you produced for YouTube into under-two-minute video clips for sharing on Facebook. Images can be turned into GIFs and shared on Twitter.

Join relevant groups on Facebook or LinkedIn and post your videos there to expand their reach. Last but not the least, run a paid promotion campaign using your best video and photo assets that are driving traffic and conversions.

3. Write Catchy Titles and Descriptions

Regardless of where you publish your videos or photos, do write an attractive title and description that appeal to your audience while explaining what the image or video is about. Google and other search engines depend upon keywords to find and rank content, so make sure you optimize the title and description to get higher search rankings and more views.

4. Capture Attention in the First 10 Seconds

One-fifth of the viewers stop watching the video within 10 seconds if they don’t find it interesting. Hook the viewer right from the start by creating a great intro and a stimulating title. Create the video in a way that viewers stay glued to the screen through the end. JoshMeah.com can create marketing videos for your business that your audience find irresistible to watch.

5. Use Vertical Videos for Mobile

By 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic will be video according to Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast. Campaign data shows that vertical (portrait mode) videos score better engagement rates and longer viewing times. So, if you’re putting mobile first, which you should, considering that more than 52% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile, use portrait mode.

Work with JoshMedia!

If you’re not sure how to produce and make the most of professional video and photo assets, work with an expert to save time, money, and headache. Talk to JoshMedia today!

Get Video that Works!

Want professional videos that multiply sales and marketing reach? Talk to JoshMedia today!

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