June 14, 2019

Buy Customized Professional Video and Photo Assets for Less!


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If you’re doing business in America, the odds are that you’re already using video (and photos) for marketing. If you’re like most businesses, however, the chances are that you’re NOT using professionally produced marketing videos.

Remember, unprofessional videos and photos can make your business look less than professional. If that’s not how you’d like to be seen you definitely need professionally produced assets.

Why Are We Even Talking About Video Marketing?

Over 87% of businesses use video, up from 63% just two years ago. And do you know why? Because customers love videos!

  • 96% of people say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service;
  • 79% of people say they have bought a piece of software or an app after watching a video;
  • 68% of people say watching a short video is their most preferred way to learn about a new product or service.
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message delivered through video Vs 10% for text

Video has the highest engagement rate and RoI of all media types.It brings you more traffic, boosts conversions on your website, and allows you to capture leads in the middle or lower half of the sales funnel

But, hey, you already know how effective videos can be. That’s why you’re using (or planning to use) them for marketing.

What you might not know, however, is that you need to get professional videos if you want your business to become the next runaway success.

What’s the Difference between Professional and Amateur Video and Photos

So, what are professional quality video and photo assets? Here are a few things that distinguish high-quality professional photo and video assets from low-quality self-executed projects.

Professional Cameras: Videos or photos that you shoot with a handheld camcorder or a smart-phone camera don’t compare in quality with videos shot with full-frame, DSLR cameras that capture broadcast quality high-definition crystal-sharp images and video.

Professional Lighting: Lighting is essential to creating a professional and stylized composition and, most importantly, making your talent look their best.

Professional Audio: Weak, hollow, or distorted audio can make your videos agonizing to watch. Professional videos make use of top quality auxiliary audio capturing and recording devices that deliver crisp and clear audio quality.

Multiple Cameras: Handheld shooting looks bad when it’s not intended, such as in a corporate or testimonial video. Multiple camera angles, cuts, fades, and overlays keep the viewer engaged.

Professional Editing: JoshMedia uses film industry software to enhance your videos with special effects and graphics animation.

Professional Video Price:A professionally produced entry-level short video usually costs $4,000 to $6,000. But, at the JoshMedia Video MarketingWorkshop, the same videos are available for almost one-third the regular price, with the additional benefits of a strategy session.

Why Your Business Needs Professional Video and Photo Assets

You need professional quality video because amateur videos can do more harm than good. They make your brand look sloppy and your business, well, amateur.

Professional video and photos, on the other hand, can make your small business shine like a Fortune-500 company. They drive more web traffic and increase sales and conversion rate. They bring more profits and increase the return on investment.

Your videos are competing against billions of videos, including cat and dog videos, prank videos, funny clips, awesome brand videos, ads, and what not. The video clips shot on your iPhone and stitched together using iMovie, for example, won’t cut it.

A professionally produced video or photo continues to deliver benefits through months and years. The production cost is negligible compared to the cumulative profit that video marketing delivers.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the JoshMedia Video Marketing Workshop

If you’ve been waiting to buy professional video and photo assets because you didn’t know where to start, whom to engage, or how much to pay, the JoshMedia Video Event makes it easy to take a quick decision.

For as low as $797, we guarantee to deliver a professional quality video that will be shot right before your eyes. In addition, you can buy 50 still images, and 3 touched up photos for a package price of $997. But, are professional video and photo assets all you need for success?

The answer is no.

  • You also need a unique selling proposition that appeals to your core target market
  • You need marketing consultancy to position your product or offer
  • You need guidance about where to publish and how to promote the videos

The JoshMeah Video Marketing Workshop is the only place where you get all of the above as a part of one unbeatable package, for an unbeatable price, within the span of a few hours. And refreshments are on us!

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