April 12, 2023

Packaging Matters: A Guide to Branding and Visual Identity


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Usually, people suggest you “Not judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to buying products, that’s exactly what many people do. Have you tried to sell a first-class product with awful packaging? Did you find it challenging to attract people’s attention to your products when they are not captivated by the packaging? 

Some business owners think of branding and visual identity as an extra cost. They don’t put much effort and research into the packaging design process and as a result, they provide weak and inferior brands, compared to competitors who have elegantly designed packages.

In the following sections, you will learn why packaging matters, how you can create effective packaging, and some popular trends in product packaging design.

Why does Packaging Matter in Branding & Visual Identity?

Creating valuable packaging is common sense. Suppose you receive a valuable gift from a friend. Would you like it to be wrapped in newspaper or to be in a stylish, well-designed box? That’s exactly how your customers feel when they see or receive your products.

However, you might wonder if emphasizing your packaging is really necessary and whether it is backed by facts and statistics. Let’s unfold this together:

Packaging Affects Buying Decisions

In a survey by Ipsos, 72% of Americans said that when they buy a brand, its packaging is decisive to them. The packaging importance increases when shoppers buy the product as a gift (81%). Also, the packaging material is important to buyers. 71% of respondents said that they would buy a brand if the packaging material is paper or cardboard.

Packaging Is The Brand

Customers believe that packaging influences their decision-making. 70% of consumers stated that they get their brand impressions solely on packaging. 63% of consumers believe the packaging is as important as the product itself.

Packaging Increases Revenue

When you invest in your packaging the payoff is fast. 30% of businesses reported an increase in revenue when they improved their product packaging. So, you cannot say the packaging is a cost, and not an investment because the impact on your bottom line is immediate.

Packaging Wins Shelf Wars

Do you want your product to be a winner on the shelf? Then improve your packaging. 64% of store shoppers say that they buy products right off the shelf if they like the packaging without researching it. This saves a lot of advertising and branding dollars.

Luxury Packaging Makes Shoppers Repeat Buying

If you are selling luxury and premium products like perfume, watches, and jewelry products, then the price is not a question. Customers are asking for higher quality products and of course higher quality and premium packaging. In research done by Dotcom Distribution, 61% of the customers stated that they are more likely to repeat a purchase of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

People Care About Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos simply show a packed box opened by an influencer or anyone else, and research shows that people follow unboxing videos. About more than one-third of consumers (35%) stated that they spend time watching unboxing videos. What happens if your package is not that good-looking and does not appeal to the customers in the first place?

Buyers Share Their Favorite Packaging Photos

If your packaging is cute enough for consumers to be shared with family and friends, they would happily do so. According to Dotcom Distribution, 40% of consumers share photos of product packaging on social media if they find it unique or branded. But the packaging should always answer the first potential comment under the photo: “so what?” Does your packaging pass this test? Then your packaging has a good chance to be shared by your customers on social media. 

Branded Packaging Spreads Word Of Mouth

When it comes to advertising your brand and product, what is more effective than word-of-mouth? Did you know your packaging has the power to do that? 50% of shoppers said that if your packaging comes in a gift-like format, then they are more likely to recommend your product to others, which in the end increases word-of-mouth advertising for you. 

Packaging Makes Customers Pay More 

It’s amazing that packaging even increases the perceived value of a product in the eyes of customers. Nearly half of the customers are willing to pay a little more if your packaging is environmentally friendly and if it is made of cardboard and paper. If you are producing in a competitive market, this means an extra margin, which in turn means extra profit you can spend on your R&D, advertising, or human resource and benefit even more from that.

How to Create Effective Packaging for Your Products

There are many characteristics of good packaging. Here is a list of some of the decisive ones.

They Look Captivating

Good packaging is consistent with a product theme. It looks fabulous. Not necessarily having a lot of details. You can look at Apple product packaging for example. They are simple but elegant and convey the brand's values. You can call good packaging chic when you carry them home. It is recognizable and elegant to carry.

Good Packages Are Easy To Use

Good packaging has enough space for the product. It has handles that make it easy to carry the product. Opening or closing the packaging is easy for anyone. Good packaging is always convenient and efficient.

 An Effective Package Is Cost-Efficient

When products are popular, many of them are sold. If your packaging is costly, you cannot send so many of them, or if you can, it is not cost-efficient. Remember that budgeting is also a critical factor in good packaging. 

Tell Stories With Your Packaging

Your customers should understand everything about your brand in a short time. Relative images and photos that tell your brand stories help. If you have a mascot, a celebrity, a character, or a logo, use them wisely. 

Of course, you cannot tell your whole story, but the customer should understand what the product is about, probably where it originated, when it was made, and for which age group. Also, it should emphasize the benefits of using this product over similar products and finally how to use it.

Powerful Packaging Is Unique

Remember the survey that showed customers are willing to pay extra for premium packaging? So, make your packaging stand out from the crowd. Be bold and creative. How far you can go depends on your product category. 

You don’t want flashy and bright colors for products for seniors but you can pop out with color and energy if you are designing for the youth, teens, and kids. Your packaging should not be genetic and easy to forget, but rather distinct and iconic.

Keep The Product Safe With Your Packaging

With all that said, do not forget that the main function of packaging is to keep a product safe. There’s no use of elegant packaging with a damaged product which increases returned items.

Understanding Popular Trends In Packaging Design

As a form of art, packaging design follows trends, which come from customer research and behaviors. You cannot package your soft drink the way you packaged it 15 or 20 years ago. That’s why you keep yourself up-to-date and sensitive to public changes in tastes and likings. Here is a list of popular trends for 2022 and 2023 in packaging design:

Be Minimalistic

Minimal package design is an increasingly popular trend in the packaging industry. It involves using fewer materials, colors, and shapes to create a visually appealing package that stands out from the competition. By using fewer materials, minimalistic packages can be lighter and more cost-effective to produce. 

Minimalistic trends seem unforgettable and more companies are changing their logos according to the trend. Netflix, eBay, and Wendy’s are three brands that redesigned their logos to look minimalistic. Using bold typography against a sharp white background, a splattering color against a clean background, or basic arrangements of simple shapes with simplified colors, are some examples of implementing a minimalistic approach in packaging design. 

Use Bold Colors

Bold colors are becoming increasingly important in package design because colors evoke emotions and emotions trigger buy buttons. Bold colors can help to draw a customer’s attention and make the product stand out on the shelf. Colors can also be used to create a strong visual impact and convey a message about the product. 

Colors are one of the most effective ways marketers have to get desired responses from customers. Research has shown us that people make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of seeing it. Most of the people in the research evaluated the products based on the colors alone. It is amazing how a large group of people (85%) declared that color is the main reason that they bought a product and 80% believed color increased brand recognition.

It is important to choose the right combination of colors that will best represent your brand personality and create an emotional connection with your customers. Furthermore, it is essential to consider how these bold colors will look on different surfaces, such as plastic, cardboard, or metal, before making a final decision

Handwritten And Handmade 

Handwriting plays an important role in package design. It adds a personal touch to the product and helps customers feel connected with the brand. It also provokes a sense of nostalgia that connects with the heart. 

Handwriting can be used in various ways, such as writing a message on the package, creating a unique logo or design, or crafting custom labels. It can also be used to add handwritten notes and instructions on how to use the product or service. By using handwriting in package design, businesses can create an emotional connection with their customers and build brand loyalty. 

Handmade design and handwritten text may not be a new trend but with original colors, imaginative presentation, and delicate design it is going to make the path to the heart of shoppers for the years to come.


Textures may be simple elements in design but their impacts are deep. Texture can be used in many different ways, from adding texture to the background of a label to using textures on the product itself. It can also be used to create contrast between elements on a package or add depth and dimension to the overall design. By understanding how texture works and how it interacts with other elements, designers can create packages that are visually appealing and memorable.


Cutouts are an impressive way to add visual interest and texture to package design. Cutouts can be used to create a variety of shapes, patterns, and designs that draw the eye and create an inviting look. You can incorporate cutouts in your packaging designs in various ways such as die cuts, window cutouts, embossing, laser cutting, and more. By using cutouts in package design, companies can create charismatic and memorable packaging that will stand out on store shelves. Cutouts stayed a packaging design trend in 2022 and continue to be successful with consumer selection in 2023.


We are living in a green era, which also applies to packaging design. Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and locally sourced are some of the buzzwords among consumers and packaging designers paid attention to the trend.

With the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, eco-friendly package design is becoming increasingly important. Companies are now looking for ways to reduce their packaging's environmental impact while still providing a secure and attractive product. 

Eco-friendly package design can help companies achieve both of these goals by using materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or sustainably sourced. Additionally, eco-friendly packaging designs can also help to reduce waste by using minimal amounts of material and utilizing more efficient packing methods. 

In this way, companies can ensure that their products reach consumers in an environmentally friendly way while also providing a quality product experience.

Whimsy Designs

Whimsy package design is a creative way of packaging products. It involves the use of bright colors, whimsical shapes and illustrations, and playful fonts to add a unique touch to the product. 

This type of packaging design is becoming increasingly popular, as it helps to stand out from competitors and make your product more memorable for customers. It also allows for greater flexibility in terms of customization, making it easier to tailor the design to your specific needs. Whimsy package design can be used for a variety of products, from food and beverage items to beauty products and toys. 

With its vibrant visuals, it can help enhance customer engagement and even increase sales!

Final Thoughts On Packaging Design

Packaging design is an essential part of building your brand’s image and identity. Before the customers have any chance to test your product, their first impression of the brand comes from the packaging. 

Even among online shoppers, 40% stated that if the product comes in branded packaging, the possibility of their recommending the product to others increases. Brand packaging differentiates your products on the shelves and tells your brand story on the product itself.

JM&Co is an experienced branding agency that can help you with all your packaging and branding decisions from start to finish and brings smart and wiser solutions to branding challenges. You can Contact Us to discuss your needs and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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