June 21, 2022

How Top Amazon Advertising Agencies Can Help Your Business


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Of all the shoppers, 90% reported that they are satisfied with their purchase. There are about 2 million third-party sellers on Amazon, usually small and midsize businesses, from which 92% believe they have a profitable business. 

In fact, 54% of Amazon's revenue comes from third-party sellers. 

What does all this mean to you as a business owner? The success rate is high on Amazon, but it is overcrowded. 70% of Amazon visitors do not look past the 1st-page search results, so it is a challenging task to get the attention of buyers organically. 

The faster solution is to advertise on Amazon, but it can be a whole new challenge to get to know where to start and how to advertise on Amazon. In this edit, you’ll discover how Amazon advertising agencies can be of so much help and give you an edge over your competitors.

Challenges of Selling on Amazon

For every $10 spent on online shopping, amazon receives $4. Amazon sells more than Walmart, Apple, eBay, Target, The Home Depot, Best buy, Carvana, Costco Wholesale, Kroger Co., Chewy, Wayfair, Macy’s, Etsy Inc., and Lowe’s, combined! Amazon also has the No.1 brand loyalty among all online shopping platforms.

All this makes Amazon a very lucrative but competitive platform for brands and sellers. But it is not only tough competition that you have to deal with. You also have to navigate a rapidly expanding market and a complex advertising system.

  • Competition: The number of users on Amazon continues to rise, and the competition also gets tougher. Using Amazon's platforms, you can grow your business and reach millions of potential customers. But the competition is fierce and the search format is saturated as a result. 

As a business owner, having a strategy to get your voice heard in a crowded market can make business processes more complicated and tedious. A powerful Amazon advertising agency can help you overcome these obstacles and outperform your competition.

  • Fast-growing market: Amazon algorithms change consistently. It is more complicated than ever to stay on top of its recommended search engine results for a long time. You have to keep up with Amazon's changes and keep up with trends to stay on top of things, which is another reason you may not be able to concentrate on your business targets.
  • Complex advertising plan: You cannot and should not target everyone in such a massive market. Why? It wastes your marketing budget, and you do not get the intended results. If you want to make the best use of your advertising budget, you should make clever and elaborate decisions. 

For an average business owner who wants to sell on Amazon, knowing all the KPIs is a challenging task. Amazon adds to this complexity with its different advertising plans that leave you wondering which is more effective. Doing trial and error wastes your money and energy. This is one more reason you should hire an experienced Amazon advertising agency to bring the best outcome out of your advertising budget.

What is Amazon Advertising Platform (AMP)?

Everything related to Amazon advertising was in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). It was the first central portal that Amazon provided to manage advertising tools and run related marketing strategies. 

This feature provided sellers with several tools like Headline Search Ads which let them bid on keywords and appear at the top of Amazon search results to show their products to targeted audiences effectively. The other was Product Display Ads which let sellers have their product Ads on the Amazon home page, search results page, and product detail pages. 

Amazon stopped this platform in 2018 alongside Amazon Media Group (AMD) and introduced the Amazon Advertising Platform. Why did they change the platform? To simplify and enhance the advertising solutions for Amazon users. After that, all advertising product offerings came together under the name “Amazon Advertising.” Some other changes included: 

  • Headline Search Ads changed to Sponsored Brands Ads
  • Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) changed to Amazon Demand-Side Platform(DSP) 
  • Product Display Ads (PDA) changed to Sponsored Ads
  • Product Display Ads changed to Sponsored Ads

What Is An Amazon Advertising Agency?

Getting the hang of all Amazon features can be quite complex when it comes to taking your business to a higher level. Hiring a professional Amazon Agency can help you greatly in this process. 

An Amazon advertising agency provides advertising services to your company, as a seller or vendor selling, in a more manageable format. You still have control over selling your products without dealing with all the technical terms and KPIs required to get the job done. There are four categories for Amazon ad agencies. From more general to most specialized, the groups include:

  • eCommerce agency: An eCommerce agency provides services to broad marketplaces, including Amazon. If you are selling in multiple marketplaces, the eCommerce Agency is a perfect option. 
  • Full-Service Amazon Agency: These companies, as the name suggests, provide all services related to Amazon, which include inventory management, creating content for various Amazon pages, Strategy setting, and more. 
  • Amazon Marketing Agency: These agencies provide all marketing services connected to Amazon that include PPC management, product detail page content, and Amazon SEO. 
  • Amazon Advertising Agency: These agencies are specialized Amazon Ads companies that create and manage different ranges of Amazon Advertising. They may use third-party software to automate your advertising process or provide services with manual work. 

Since Amazon has its SEO and algorithm, hiring an agency to handle your marketing or advertising project is a wiser idea. Knowing the correct positioning of the agencies helps you choose the best according to your needs. 

What Services Should You Expect from the Top Amazon Advertising Agencies? 

Every successful advertising campaign starts with a well-planned strategy. In Amazon's highly competitive market, you should know what is working and not working, or you risk wasting your entire advertising budget. Amazon offers a variety of advertising services. A professional Amazon advertising agency can help you decide which platforms work best for your products. Based on experience, the agency can offer a single or combination of the following services:

  • Sponsored Products: Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that promote individual product listings on Amazon.
  • Sponsored Brands: Sponsored Brands help customers discover your brand and products with creative ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results. This improves your brand awareness and increases your product purchase chances by the customer, as they identify you as a relevant and valuable brand.
  • Sponsored display: These ads are automatically-generated ads, targeted to audiences based on relevant Amazon shopping results. Sponsored Displays are shopping and contextual signals to help create brand awareness, consideration, purchase, or even loyalty with relevant audiences.
  • Stores: Amazon Stores allow you to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, captivating shopping experience. You can add your own branded URL on Amazon to help shoppers explore the full range of your products.
  • Audio Ads: Amazon Music's free plan features audio ads that play on Alexa-enabled devices, including Lifx Mini and Fire TV, as well as on smartphones and computers. They are 10-to-30-second audio ads, which play periodically during breaks between content.
  • Video Ads: You can see streaming TV ads on connected TVs, channels and networks, as well as IMDb TV. There are video ads that show up outside of content, both within and outside of Amazon. You can reach your audience while they stream and browse.
  • Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DPS): DPS allows you to buy ads to reach new and existing customers on and off Amazon. Both advertisers who sell products on Amazon and non-Amazon sellers can use Amazon DSP.
  • Custom Advertising: With custom advertising, you can develop campaigns and engage them in multiple stages of the marketing funnel by building brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.
  • Attribution: Amazon attribution is an advertising and analytics measurement platform that gives marketers insight into how their non-Amazon marketing channels perform on Amazon that allows you to measure, optimize and plan your marketing activities productively.

Benefits of Working With A Professional Advertising Agency

1. An Amazon Advertising Agency Helps You Create Achievable Goals

Amazon provides many forms of advertising. But are there any guarantees that you achieve your goals randomly and by chance? 

When your goals are unique to your brand and products, advertising goals are diversified to help you reach new or wider audiences, create brand loyalty or awareness, promote a new product, or increase sales. 

You need to have a critical understanding of the market and Amazon marketplace to set your goals. That is exactly where a professional team can help tremendously. It is no longer a case of shooting in the dark and hoping to hit the target. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals (SMART) are what you are after, and a professional Amazon advertising agency knows how to reach them.

 2. An Advertising agency Knows Which Type Of Amazon Ads Fits Your Goals 

For each of your marketing goals, you have many options and possibilities in advertising strategy. Review advertising types on Amazon and you will be overwhelmed with all the options. 

Which one do you want to choose first? Which ones match perfectly with your products? Do you have to implement one form or combine several advertising platforms to receive a precise target? 

If you have a deep pocket, you can test options and analyze the results, and with luck, you may understand the market. The wiser decision is to go with a professional advertising agency and get assistance. You can buy their experience and minimize your risk of failure. 

3. An Ad Agency Knows Amazon Guidelines From Beginning To End

Amazon brand guidelines are rules amazon sets for all parts of the world. The rules are to regulate all the actions on Amazon. Suppose someone files a complaint against you on Amazon and claims that you are violating the rules. Then your account gets suspended until you dispute or declare your side. You can appeal the case but with the price of losing many days of profit in the process. 

In the absence of thorough protection, your competitors might use tactics against you.

When you hire an Amazon advertising agency, you protect yourself from such threats. They have experienced experts who can inform you about black hat tactics directed to your account, which saves you a lot of valuable time and profit and reduces your risk of any loss to a great extent.

4. An Ad Agency Optimizes Your Product Listing

On Amazon, keywords rule the kingdom. Amazon algorithms decide if your products appear on the first page of the search results, and they measure the keywords you use for your products. 

Amazon keyword tools are free or cheap and come with any subscription plan you choose. You can learn the process to rank you on its platform. However, you should spend much time researching and downloading keywords to analyze them. You can allow a professional advertising agency to do the task for you and to constantly optimize the following areas of your online presence:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Image
  • Backend Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Advertising
  • Customer Review and Feedback
  • Pricing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Your website content

If you take care of them correctly, your Amazon search engine optimization ranking improves. But is it a process you want to go through yourself for every product you have? Do you prefer to get help from a professional team who knows the subject entirely? 

5. An Ad Agency Keeps An Eye On Your Competitors All The Time

What are your competitor strategies? Are they ranking higher or lower than you in a particular product listing? What keywords do they use? Are there any solutions to outrank them? 

A professional Amazon ad agency helps you get first-hand analysis and data that you can implement in your marketing strategy effortlessly. Here are some more benefits of working with an Amazon Ad agency.

  • Analyze the strategies your competitor uses to help you improve your response. They can help you use better analytical tools to check the exact keywords your competitor is ranking for and use them to your benefit in your product listings.
  • There are areas your competitors have overlooked. A professional advertising team can pinpoint these areas to include in your listing. This guarantees that your product ranking is better in areas nobody paid attention to. 
  • Are your pricing strategies competitive? How high or low is your competitor’s pricing? These are other areas of your strategies that a professional advertising agency keeps under its radar. They also help you with your offers compared to other brands. You can then have the best offering possible to gain maximum benefits.

Using Advanced Strategies & Insights from Your Amazon Advertising Agency

An advertising agency can help you with advanced campaigns. The campaigns may include:

  • ASIN Targeting: Any retailer who has a digital presence should use the ASIN targeting process to develop an Amazon advertising strategy. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. This is similar to the barcodes you place on your products to track and organize them. 

Product detail pages (or ASIN pages) are a super opportunity for advertisers. Having an ad on the product page of your competitor is a great way to gain their market share and increase your sales.

  • Category Targeting: The Category Targeting feature helps you to target your product categories on Amazon. You can use them for generic or new products that do not have high-volume keyword searches.
  • Brand Targeting: You can use category refinements to target high-traffic brands using Amazon Brand Targeting. Your competitor brand may be spending on Sponsored Brands to have the traffic coming their way. You can identify them and target these brands using refinements.
  • Ranking Campaigns: Your product sales influence a product's organic ranking, and PPC ad campaigns that can generate sales impact the organic ranking as a bonus.

Final Notes On Choosing the Top Amazon Advertising Agency

There is no doubt that you can increase your bottom line profit through Amazon advertising. The tasks require detailed attention and highly up-to-date information about the metrics and KIPs. 

You can take advantage of all the expertise and experience we have in Amazon advertising platforms at JM&Co. We offer advanced and specialized advertising tools and techniques to help you profit from your presence in the Amazon marketplace. 

Our team of experts helps you stay on top of Amazon search engines and have a decisive advantage over your competition. If you are after the best results possible in a short time to advance your advertising strategies on Amazon, you can Contact Us. We can happily assist you and pave the way to your ultimate success.

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