September 4, 2020

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An Affiliate Marketing Agency for Sellers and Promoters

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for product creators to sell more products and for affiliates to generate passive income. Regardless of whether you are a creator or promoter, working with a reputable affiliate marketing agency can increase the chances of success. Feel free to contact Josh Meah & Company, one of America’s leading affiliate marketing agencies, if you need assistance with your affiliate business. 

In this article we’ll discuss how an affiliate marketing agency can help sellers and promoters make more sales and grow their business faster.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Simply put:

If you have a product or service to sell, and you want to increase your sales without spending more money on promoting it, you can look for affiliates or promoters. In return, you pay your affiliates a commission on each sale that is traced back to their website, ad or social media posts.

If you don’t have a product or service to sell and you want to start earning passive income, you can promote other people’s products (or services) and earn a commission on sales that materialize as a result of your marketing.

The Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing business model involves three parties:

The Product Creator: This party has exclusive rights to sell the product or service. It can be the manufacturer or someone with an exclusive sales agreement with the manufacturer. The Creator—also known as the brand, the vendor, the retailer, or the merchant—is responsible for supplying and servicing the product--including storage, shipping, guarantees, and after sale services.

The product creator or retailer can be a big company like Amazon, with millions of products and affiliate programs.

Or the creator can be a small business like Organifi, a food supplement company that pays a recurring monthly commission on its entire range of products.

The Affiliate Marketer: Also called the promoter, the publisher, the advertiser, or the affiliate, this party promotes the product or service. The affiliate tries to drive interested customers from its website, blog or social media profile to the product’s website or sales page, hoping that some of the visitors will end up buying the product.

The affiliate can promote just one product or multiple products. They can be solo entrepreneurs or big companies. Sometimes an affiliate can have a dedicated website for a specific category of products or services from different sellers. 

For example, Everyday Carry publishes reviews of adventure gear including Swiss Army Knives, watches, flashlights, gadgets, backpacks, notebooks and other products. The website receives over 100k visits a month and drives traffic to Amazon’s affiliate product pages.  


The Customer: The customer, user, or consumer completes the affiliate marketing triangle. Without customers, there’s no business, no sales, and no revenue to be split. For an affiliate marketing program to be successful, both the product creator and promoter must focus on delivering customer satisfaction and trust.

Affiliate Marketing Network

A modern affiliate modern program needs a digital platform or network to get off the ground. A network—such as ClickBank, ShareASale, or Amazon itself—works as an intermediary between the seller and the affiliate. It’s a platform where affiliate marketing companies can display their programs and promoters can select the offers they want to advertise.

Sometimes a seller can decide to work through a specific network. At other times a promoter can finalize the commission and other details with the seller and leave the product delivery, commission calculation, and payment to the affiliate marketing network. The network provides the technology to track links and calculate and reimburse commission. It charges a monthly fee for its services, which sometimes depends on the number of visitors that visit the subscriber’s website.

Role of the Affiliate Marketing Agency

The seller and the promoter are the main protagonists of affiliate marketing. Both need customers to earn revenues and commissions. The affiliate marketing networks provide the platform and services for affiliate marketing to work smoothly. “What, therefore, is the role of the affiliate marketing agency?” you might be thinking.

An affiliate marketing agency helps both the seller and the promoter connect with customers. Here are a few reasons that make it worthwhile to work with a marketing agency as a seller and promoter.

Affiliate Marketing Agency for Sellers

The success of an affiliate program depends on the product or service being sold. An affiliate marketing agency like Josh Meah & Company can help sellers, brands and creators come up with great products that are easy to sell for their affiliate partners. Here’s how it works:

Product Idea Generation

If you don’t already have an idea, Josh Meah & Company works with you to come up with unique and compelling product or service ideas. Some of our idea generation techniques include:

  • Hold brainstorming sessions with your staff and potential customers
  • Research latest consumer trends to find out the best product categories to target
  • Read customer reviews of existing products to discover their shortcomings and improve on them to create a better product
  • Take a look at crowd-funding platforms to see what other innovators are doing

Example: Let’s say we have a product creator who wants to build a new recreational drone. After reading customer reviews on Amazon, we find out that best selling low cost drones fly into obstacles or just fly away. The problem can be solved by adding an obstacle avoidance system and a proximity sensor. Sounds like an idea!

But, will people pay extra for a drone with collision avoidance and distance sensing features?

Idea Validation

After an idea is finalized and approved by the client, we validate it through customer testing and interviews before investing in that idea. This ensures we don’t end up building products for which there are no buyers. We answer questions like:

  • Should we make this product?
  • Who would buy this product?
  • How much will the customer be willing to pay for this product?
  • What features most or least valuable to the consumer?
  • Are better products already available in the market?

Continuing with the drone example, we can get in touch with drone photographers on AirVuz or DroneZone and ask them for their opinion about the new product we’re designing.

Affiliate Product Development

We follow the lean three-step process for product development. It’s an iterative process that incorporates customer feedback at every step. We do smaller and quicker iterations to minimize waste of effort and make sure that we’re building the product that customers will actually pay for.

For example, we can invite influencers or enthusiasts to an online focus group and share 3D printed models of our drone. We can give them a list of features and ask them how important each feature is to them. Next, we can create a single prototype of the drone and let our customers fly it. The idea is to make many small changes and gather customer feedback before making the next small change.

Affiliate Product Marketing

You have a great product, but a lot depends on how you present it. An affiliate marketing agency creates the messaging and design that complements your product and makes it easy to understand for affiliates and end users.

Our affiliate product marketing services include web design, sales funnel design, product photography, copywriting, SEO, conversion optimization, social media marketing, lead generation, email campaigns, and more. The goal is to build trust and make the value stand out, so that the best affiliates in your industry will eagerly promote your offer.

Finding Affiliates

When you have the product ready to be sold, it’s easy to find affiliates. Simply list your product with one of the affiliate marketing networks and marketers will flock around your offer. The real challenge is to find affiliates that specialize in selling products like yours.

An affiliate marketing agency like Josh Meah & Company utilizes its existing networks and conducts in-depth online research to connect you with marketers and influencers interested in similar products. We act as the bridge between your product and affiliate marketers, bringing you the most lucrative and promising deals, negotiating commissions, and suggesting the best tracking and payout tools.

Affiliate Marketing Agency for Promoters

If you don’t have a product and want to earn passive income from affiliate marketing, working with an affiliate marketing company can save you from unnecessary expenses and headaches.

With millions of affiliate products out there, an affiliate marketer should avoid wasting their efforts on the wrong product. A marketing company can help you take better decisions based on their past experience and market research.

Josh Meah & Company provides the following types of services to affiliate marketers and promoters, whether they are individuals or companies.

Affiliate Product Selection

Just like the product creator, the affiliate marketer also needs a great product to build a successful business. You can find tons of products to promote by searching on affiliate marketing networks such as Clickbank and others. Successful affiliate marketers say that you should select a product that you believe in, rather than merely choosing one that pays more money.

But how can you believe in a product unless you know it inside out? As your affiliate marketing agency, we help you select a product or a portfolio of products that match your experience, social circle and personality. We also research the products for you, learning about their strengths and weaknesses and evaluating if they’ll be a good fit.

Strategy and Creative

Many affiliates enter the business without having a plan. It’s like starting a journey without knowing where you’re going. If you’re going nowhere, that’s probably where you’ll end up. But we don’t want that, so we plan and strategize for our clients.

After evaluating and researching the products, we come up with targeted messaging to communicate the value to the audience. We also use appropriate tools to discover your audience and draw your ideal customer’s profile. The strategy includes your goals, channel selection, messaging design, and evaluation metrics.

Blogging and Product Reviews

Bloggers, if they’re good, can drive qualified buyers to affiliate product pages. Even if you’re not a blogger, we can set up a professional blog around the product(s) you’re marketing. We can target a specific sector or a single product.

The Fitness Junkie Blog reviews supplements and workout programs.

For example, we can set up a blog or review site for weight loss products and market many affiliate products through that site. Or we can have a blog for a single weight-loss product. We can also get your products featured on famous review portals that attract a lot of traffic.

Setting Up Your Digital Presence

Any serious affiliate marketer needs a website and social media profiles to inspire trust and seem credible. Working with an affiliate marketing agency, you can sit back and relax as we establish a native online presence for your products and brand.

Josh Meah & Company has the best developers, designers and social media marketers on its team. We create an impressive digital presence for affiliate marketers. It works as the platform from where they can market different products.

Email Marketing

High-involvement products often need a longer sales cycle. For example, if you’re selling Razer gaming laptops that happen to be expensive, you may need to capture leads and nurture those leads through email marketing until they’re ready to buy.

An affiliate marketing company configures your website to capture email subscriptions and follows up with the subscribers through automated email marketing campaigns.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So, you have a website and a blog, but how do you get people to visit your digital property? SEO can place your website and products in the line of sight of millions of online searchers looking for products like yours.

An affiliate marketing agency selects the best keywords to target and optimizes your website and content for those keywords. As a result, your site appears higher when a customer searches on Google for those keywords. You can receive thousands of hits daily if your site starts appearing on the front page of Google even for a few of the target keywords.

Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads pay-per-click advertising can get you some quick sales as you wait for the SEO efforts to kick in. The only thing that needs to be considered is the earning per sale, so that we don’t end up spending more than we’re earning.

Your digital marketing agency calculates the relevant metrics including the cost per click, conversion rate and commission per sale before advising you whether Google Ads is a viable option for you. If the numbers are in your favor, we plan and execute targeted PPC campaigns to drive interested customers to your website.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing today is all about using the right tools. Marketing technology can help you research the market, test new ideas and products, plan and execute campaigns, capture and nurture leads, and monitor the results of your marketing efforts. There are dozens of marketing tools out there and it might be difficult for a promoter or creator to master and use them all.

An affiliate marketing agency has command over the full stack of marketing technology. Josh Meah & Company uses the best available tools for customer discovery, prototyping and testing, social media and email management, and analytics and tracking. Promoters and creators can focus on more important things as we automate most of the marketing for them.

Do You Need an Affiliate Marketing Agency?

If  you’re getting into affiliate marketing without expertise just to kill some time and aren’t much concerned with the monetary gains, you can continue on your own. You’ll eventually learn the ropes, but only after losing a lot of time and money.

If, however, you want to start earning a handsome passive income but you know little about digital marketing, your best option is to work with an agency. An affiliate marketing company can increase the chances of your success by providing technical and marketing expertise..

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