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The best website is a virtual salesperson who never sleeps. To accomplish this high standard, your content and design should be developed with the decision-making process of your target customer in mind.

What is the research process used by customers in your industry? What information is required to justify a purchase? What is the outcome your customers are seeking emotionally and rationally?

Answer these and other questions -- and use this information within your messaging and layout -- to add rocket fuel to your conversion rates.

Our sites are fast, well-designed, easily-navigated, and optimized to be found organically and on maps; they also work perfectly on all devices. Most importantly, however, they are tested repeatedly to drive unusually successful sales outcomes.

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Your site will be created with SEO in mind, should you elect to invest further in that direction. We’ll also make sure that the site is optimized to be found on Google Maps. For more involved SEO, take a look at our SEO packages.


Most web design packages include monthly updates. We can add images, pages, and features. We’ll adjust forms as needed -- and many other services.


We’re really good about staying in touch, especially if something needs to be adjusted on your site. We’ll work to fix any problems.


We make sure you know who your customers are, where they’re coming from, and what they’re looking for. All website packages include full analytics so you can track your customers and their interest in your site.


We design based on your industry's best practices combined with our experience running marketing campaigns in over 2 dozen industries.


We have created our templates with device compatibility in mind, and we continue that approach throughout our work with you. More and more searches are done on mobile devices, and you don’t want to miss out because someone couldn’t make their way around your site on their phone.


Speed is money. If your site loads slowly, people are likely to leave. We’ll build your site to ensure it loads rapidly. That speed will make sure that your advertising dollars are well spent -- people will click through and remain on the site.



Where do your sites get their content?
We can use existing content on your site, new content you provide, or write the content for you. Your site will be up within two weeks, and it’s easy to add more.

Will you provide content guidance?
Yes, whether we are writing your content or you are drafting it personally, we will recommend which content should be included on the website.

How many pages will be on my site?
This depends on the needs of your business and industry.


May I continue to use my current domain?
We prefer you to keep using it. We’ll need the login information at your current provider to move the site to our hosting service.

Do these websites come with email?
Yes, as an optional add-on provided by Google Business Apps.

Will this new site replace my current site?
While some people may want to keep their current site, and we certainly will work with you on that process, having two sites may interfere with our SEO efforts on the new site, because of the duplicated content.


What is included in the monthly update?
Think of the monthly updates as an hour; each change can take up to an hour of time to make. Whenever you submit a change to the website, we’ll count it as an hour of time. If your plan includes 2 changes, then you’ll get up to 2 hours. If we need more time, our hourly rate is $80 per hour. Most tasks are completed well under an hour.

Who makes the changes to my website?
We do — and you do. Each package contains a different number of changes. You will be able to access the site to edit content, add new pages, upload new images, and otherwise change the site. If you need us to make more than the included monthly changes, our rate is $80 per hour.

Why is there an ongoing monthly charge?
First, the monthly charge means that you don’t have to pay for your entire site upfront (unless you negotiate otherwise); the monthly charge helps you manage the cost. It also includes the ongoing work we do on your site. Finally, hosting and site security represents an ongoing cost to us.

Are extra monthly updates available?
Our rate for website development outside any of the packages is $80 per hour.

Do you take website backups?
Yes, we do (assuming you subscribe to a monthly support plan).


What is your turnaround time?
Your website will be launched within weeks; once you’ve sent all your content to us, we can go live very quickly. If all your content isn’t available within two weeks, we’ll launch your site with what we have and then include the additional content as part of our monthly updates.

Is the site mine?
You can switch to our month-to-month plan for continued hosting and service, or we can transfer the site as you direct.

Can I use a website template?
If you find a great template, then sure. We’ll price the project accordingly. You can expect an honest assessment with an eye toward achieving the most effective outcome.

What commitment am I making with your packages?
You are committing to the set-up fee and/or ongoing hosting and website edits per the terms of the package.

Can these sites be optimized for SEO?
Of course. All of our sites have SEO built-in before launch; however, ongoing optimization and tracking will likely yield better results.



Please have all text content to us within two weeks.

Graphics, images, and Logos

Please have all graphics files to us within two weeks, also. We need high-quality graphics in either .png, .jpg, or .svg format.


We will need high-quality images--they are crucial to any beautiful, effective small business website. If your own images aren’t available, we can recommend a variety of stock image sources or help find a photographer.


We’ll need a clear outline of the site’s pages and their relationship to each other.

Existing logins

If we’re going to use your current domain, we’ll need all login credentials to begin.

Content Creation

We rely on the content you provide and will contribute content to fill in gaps.

Graphic Design

Graphic design work is included in our website packages.


Our websites include email hosting through Google Business Apps. Otherwise, our website forms will send to an existing email account of yours.


Each site package includes basic on-site SEO. Sites are built with SEO best practices in mind, but ongoing SEO work is not included in website packages.

Contact information

List the information you collect via contact forms other than name, email, and phone number.


I want to help you grow your business. I bring an unbeatable work ethic and a track record of starting and growing 4 profitable marketing companies that serviced over 15 industries. With a 96%+ client retention rate, my team and I currently operate successful client acquisition systems affecting 27 different industries.

Aren't you tired of settling for marketing that doesn't work or isn't tracked?

Is your team lacking in marketing creativity or strategic direction?

Are you looking for a reliable solution to grow your business?

Then work with an aggressive, talented marketing agency led by a proven entrepreneur.

Josh Meah welcomes you with a warm smile.

The first insight you'll have while working with me is that "this guy gets it! He understands me and really cares about my business."

The second insight is that your business can (and will!) genuinely improve through trackable, measured growth systems based on innovative strategies specific to your business and industry.

The third insight is that the vision you've had for your business can be realized and made even bigger with the help of a qualified growth partner.

My one rule, however, is that you and your company must be very good at what you do.

Beyond that, I'm a perfect fit for any business or organization seeking local customers and a uniquely qualified consultant on special projects involving startups, unique industries, special market penetration challenges, innovative technologies, cross-cultural communications, business model/sales process development, process engineering, sales training, internal marketing strategy and leadership, or the transition from local to regional or national.

I'll help you discover what is most special about your business - then we'll execute a strategy that shares this unique quality with your ideal market.

Contact me at josh@joshmeah.com, or call me at (202) 603-6055.
It's exciting to help you achieve your dreams!

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