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Are you looking to grow your business? We help businesses develop and execute complex strategies. We promote websites and get them to the top of search engines. With a 96%+ client retention rate, my team and I currently operate successful client acquisition systems affecting 27 different industries. Josh Meah has a team of designers, writers, marketers and problem solvers who work together to make your websites successful. We offer web design, brand strategy and online marketing services. Call (202) 603-6055 for a free consultation or visit to explore more.
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Premium Brands Earn The Most Profits. Do You Have A Brand Strategy?

Develop Your Brand & Create Your Brand Strategy -- Branding Agency NJ & NYC

We work with you to create a brand and brand strategy that works for you. Your brand wants to impress people as well as be memorable. Your brand and strategy therefore keeps your firm in the public eye.

Branding Services

  • Strategy and Research
  • Logo Design, Styles, and Style Guides
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Landing Page Strategy and Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Event Support Materials

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We don’t hide the way to create a great brand strategy.

Know your market. The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be to place and keep your brand before your customers -- giving them what they need and want.

Branding strategy has four steps:

  • 1

    Research and analyze the market and target audiences

  • 2

    Get to know your customers

  • 3

    Give them what they want

  • 4

    Evaluate your strategy and adjust as needed

Finding Your Brand Strategy

Effective brand strategies begin with your products and services. You know them, and we’ll make sure we know them.

But your products and services will reach many possible audiences. They will see you in different ways, depending on age, economic situation, location, and other factors. You’ll need multiple sales channels. You might need customizing based on the audience. And you’ll need a strong logo over everything.

Our brand strategies include:

  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Creative Strategizing
  • Thorough Planning
  • Tracking and Evaluation

We’re open to a variety of methods. We can add new web content, or change your approach to Twitter. We might add eBooks, or update SEO on your website. We can repurpose images and videos.

We work closely and openly with you. Our planning works holistically to make sure that the entire package represented by your brand is covered.

Brand Strategy Leads To Concrete Tools

We’ll help you create the following to support your brand:

  • Web design
  • Branding campaigns
  • Print and digital marketing design
  • Logo design and style guides
  • Presentation design
  • Event support materials
  • Brand voicing and messaging

Effective Brand Strategies

We work with you to create brand strategies and so much more. We can help you market your message, products, and services, and help you see what works best for your business, message, audience, and budget.

We can also help you find ways to

  • Define and refine your target audiences
  • Craft messages that draw in these audiences
  • Present those messages to keep the audiences’ attention
  • Track ways to measure the success of your campaigns


I want to help you grow your business. I bring an unbeatable work ethic and a track record of starting and growing 4 profitable marketing companies that serviced over 15 industries. With a 96%+ client retention rate, my team and I currently operate successful client acquisition systems affecting 27 different industries.

Aren't you tired of settling for marketing that doesn't work or isn't tracked?

Is your team lacking in marketing creativity or strategic direction?

Are you looking for a reliable solution to grow your business?

Then work with an aggressive, talented marketing agency led by a proven entrepreneur.

Josh Meah welcomes you with a warm smile.

The first insight you'll have while working with me is that "this guy gets it! He understands me and really cares about my business."

The second insight is that your business can (and will!) genuinely improve through trackable, measured growth systems based on innovative strategies specific to your business and industry.

The third insight is that the vision you've had for your business can be realized and made even bigger with the help of a qualified growth partner.

My one rule, however, is that you and your company must be very good at what you do.

Beyond that, I'm a perfect fit for any business or organization seeking local customers and a uniquely qualified consultant on special projects involving startups, unique industries, special market penetration challenges, innovative technologies, cross-cultural communications, business model/sales process development, process engineering, sales training, internal marketing strategy and leadership, or the transition from local to regional or national.

I'll help you discover what is most special about your business - then we'll execute a strategy that shares this unique quality with your ideal market.

Contact me at, or call me at (202) 603-6055.
It's exciting to help you achieve your dreams!

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